Why Non-Scale Victories Matter Most


Weight-Loss Female Challenge Champion Connie Edwards had plateaued with her weight-loss and was grappling with depression when she found The Challenge in the spring of 2014.

“I embraced The Challenge from the very beginning and never lost sight,” says Connie. “I changed my diet, got a gym membership and started feeling good about myself.”

Connie experienced non-scale victories at first.

“I felt energized,” says Connie. “And I started losing inches. Eventually the number on the scale decreased and soon I needed a new wardrobe,” she laughs.

Meal planning was everything for ConnieConnie Edwards Challenge Champion. She educated herself on proper nutrition and incorporated Vi products like Vi-pak®, Vi-Shape®, ViSalus GO® and NEON Energy Drink® into her daily diet. Healthy meals included chicken and fish with sides of broccoli, roasted brussel sprouts, asparagus and quinoa. She snacked on snap peas and edamame in between meals.

Now Connie’s into building muscle and has a spring in her step and light in her eyes.

“I was sad and lonely for a long time,” says Connie, adding, “Now I have this new, exciting life. It’s not just about losing weight. It’s about feeling alive.”

Connie’s workout routine helps keep her focused and energized. She attends boot camp, Zumba and lifting class, where she works on her legs, abs, chest and back and shoulders five days a week. She’s lost 65 lbs. altogether and is down seven pants sizes and two shirt sizes.

“I was ready to back out of Vitality due to financial constraints,” says Connie, adding, “But then I realized I’d already made it so far losing 65 lbs. and regaining a foothold on my life. I drove 21 hours non-stop from Maryland—and when my name was called on stage, I realized it was the best decision I could’ve made. I’m so thankful to represent Vi on a global scale.”

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