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Custom Kits are all the rage in the Vi Community – for Promoters and Customers alike. Turns out people enjoy picking out the exact nutritional products they want to support their Challenge goals. No surprise there. Especially when you can save up to 15% and get free shipping!

But what products are they picking out?

We asked around to find out. Here’s a breakdown of products that kept coming up over and over again in Custom Kit orders this month.


Vi-Shape Superfood Shake


Like the Nutritional Shake, the NEW Superfood Shake supports all Challenge goals. This one however appeals to those who appreciate plant proteins – 17g to be exact. It’s a dream product for those with dietary restrictions, and those who don’t get enough greens, vitamins & minerals in their regular diet.



Everyone seems to love these gluten-free, metabolism boosting supplements – especially those nearing the end of their 90-Day Challenges. Packed with green tea, chromium, yerba mate (and more!), Vi-Slim helps metabolize carbs and fats. Just don’t stop exercising!


Just like Vi-Slim, Vi-Trim is super popular with those on the home stretch of a Challenge. This drink mix has no taste, but can help control your hunger when added to your favorite beverage. Great for curbing in-between meal cravings.


These are a family favorite! Adults are keeping these snack bars on-hand for a nutritious afternoon snack, and apparently kids love getting them in their lunches! Choose from a sweet PB&J or a rich Chocolate Caramel. You’ll be satisfied with 8g of protein and 8g of fiber.

Vi Crunch

We all love cereal. But Vi Crunch is SUPER cereal! It’s full of protein, fiber, prebiotics, grape seed, and more. Plus it’s low fat and has the same delicious Sweet Cream flavor as the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake. It’s your shake in a flake. PRO TIP: Lose the milk and try Vi Crunch mixed into Greek yogurt! #delish

ViSalus GO

Those who want to make sure they’ve got enough energy for a workout (or a work meeting!) keep ViSalus GO well-stocked in their pantries. These grape-flavored shots provide the perfect boost of instant energy, plus support muscle and cognitive performance.


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