What Can You Learn from Playing Tetris? Vi Co-Founder Blake Mallen Explains…


When it comes down to it, what we do at ViSalus is simple. We help people transform their life, health and prosperity.

If you think about it, finding people who have a need for health and prosperity should not be a problem. After all, most people on planet earth would fall into that category.

So why, then, isn’t every Vi Promoter already an Ambassador? Vi Co-Founder Blake Mallen says, “It’s not about finding people who need what we have that is the challenge; it’s about becoming the person that those people want to follow. At the end of the day, success in Vi is a battle of beliefs.”

Blake put together this powerful training to help the Vi Community understand how our belief systems work, and to know the simple steps you can take to build the beliefs you need to accomplish your goals.

Set aside some time today to watch this; you will find it well worth your time!

P.S. Blake gives everyone a personal Challenge at the end of the training for those looking to raise their lid!

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ViSalus, Inc. is a healthy lifestyle company committed to transforming Life, Health and Prosperity around the world by creating meaningful connections, supporting physical transformations, and promoting entrepreneurial freedom. ViSalus offers its products in North America under the ViSalus® brand and in Europe under the Vi™ brand. For more info, visit Vi.com

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