Not All Cereals Are Created Equal: ViSalus Vi Crunch


Did you know that cereal ranks as one of the best choices for breakfast when striving to live a healthy lifestyle? Considering breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is crucial to find a cereal that is truly healthy and doesn’t try to use gimmicky marketing, artificial coloring and/or high amounts of sugar to coax people into eating it each morning.

To put it simply, not all cereals are created equal and ViSalus Vi Crunch proves that statement to be true. Vi Crunch is so nutritious that it really shouldn’t be compared to other cereals- it’s far and away in a league of its own.

Considering breakfast is such a crucial meal, it is important to identify key factors that differentiate truly healthy cereals from those that claim to be healthy but don’t actually have much to offer.  Many cereals have one or two healthy attributes that brands focus on as a way to divert attention from their less desirable ingredients. Vi Crunch is completely different from the ‘pretenders’- Vi Crunch is what you could call a breakfast game-changer.

Vi Crunch is a revolutionary cereal that redefines the meaning of having a nutritious breakfast. What makes this product unlike anything else on the market? Perhaps it’s the fact that there is no other cereal that has 5 sources of protein, prebiotic fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Or maybe it’s what it doesn’t have- as in no cholesterol, no trans fat, no wheat or what gluten and no artificial coloring.

Many cereals lure people, children specifically, with artificial coloring, large amounts of sugar and some even have high amounts of sodium. These are crucial things that you should strive to avoid when choosing what have for breakfast. Sugar is likely to be found in most, if not all, cereals, however the amount of sugar is extremely important. There is a huge difference between a cereal that has 3-5 grams of sugar per serving, such as Vi Crunch (3 grams of sugar), vs. 10-15+ grams of sugar.

Sodium is often another indicator of a healthy cereal- the less sodium the better. Along with sodium and sugar, numerous types of cereal contain artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners which can significantly outweigh, or even eliminate any nutritional value that a cereal has to offer. When deciding on what cereal to choose, it is important to look for a brand that contains no cholesterol, no trans fat, low amounts of sodium, low amounts of natural sugar, and as few preservatives as possible. Vi Crunch just happens to perfectly fit that criteria.

So when you’re deciding what to eat for the most important meal of the day, it is important to avoid many of the red flags that are mentioned above. Just because the cereal has a catchy slogan, one or two healthy features and tons of colors doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for someone striving to live an extremely healthy lifestyle.

ViSalus’ Vi crunch, AKA the ‘shake in a flake’, not only has the catchy slogan but most importantly it has everything you want in a healthy meal and nothing you don’t. Before choosing what to have for breakfast, make sure to learn more about Vi-Crunch so you can make the most informed (and health conscience) decision possible.

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