Vi Model Mac Gray: How The Challenge Transformed Him From The Inside Out


Mac Gray is only 22 years old, but he’s already lived many of life’s lessons.

For example, he knows what it’s like to feel lost as a teenager in dark times and he’s learned how to find the light. He knows the negative mindset that can come from feeling alone and he’s experienced the healing that comes from finding social support.

bbvi_champs_env-8667And he knows how to set a seemingly impossible goal—and how to work fearlessly to achieve it. It’s why Mac can so proudly tell you he recently won the title of Vi Model and earned the coveted spot on next year’s cover of The Challenge Magazine.

Mac’s journey began when he joined ViSalus as a Vi Promoter. Of course he had no idea at the time how that decision would change his life’s direction in such profound ways.

“When I started promoting The Challenge, I saw two sides of it,” says Mac. “I grew up as a competitive athlete and was always into nutrition, but was never consistent with it. I tried the Vi products and fell in love with them. I also loved the idea of being an entrepreneur while pursuing my passion for helping others become healthier.”

But living and promoting The Challenge gave Mac even more than he had expected. It brought him complete transformation.

“I used to never talk about any of my struggles,” says Mac. “Throughout my childhood I was in and out of hospitals and counseling offices and I kept all my emotions about it locked inside. But being part of such a supportive Vi Community enabled me to open up and feel comfortable about letting people in. I now feel I need to share my story as I hope it inspires others. For the past eight months, my upline Kevin Wong has been my emotional support, my rock. He is like family to me. And when I was crowned Vi Model in front of thousands at Vitality, I found his face and wanted to smile and cry at the same time. Hearing my name announced as the winner was the most overwhelming, positive experience of my life.

“In fact, I was trying so hard to process it all, I think it took a full five seconds for me to step forward,” Mac says, smiling. “ViSalus gave me happiness and contentment because it also gave me a purpose to help others. That’s my ‘Why.'”

ViSalus-Houston-1520Mac would tell anybody that before you can achieve a goal, you have to first fully believe you can.

“To have a complete transformation, you have to have a mental transformation. It’s about developing a healthy, positive mindset. I grew up playing boxing and football, but in the back of my mind I always wanted to one day be featured on the cover of a health and fitness magazine. So I set a goal to become Vi Model and believed in myself, and turned my dream into a reality.”

Another reality is that this Gen-Y entrepreneur from Canada has become an ideal example of someone who has transformed from the inside, out. Mac has the physique of a Vi Model—and the heart of a Champion.

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