Vi Model and Vi Millionaire: Jaquies Jackson is “Built to Inspire”


ViSalus fell into Vi Model Jaquies Jackson’s lap at the right moment. At the time, Jaquies was a 22-year-old college student studying exercise science, playing football and working several jobs including personal training. Jaquies needed to be able to support himself and his family while maintaining a balanced life. Certain health issues ran in his family and when Jaquies heard from a friend about the nutritional benefits of Vi products, he knew he had to give The Challenge a try.

The Old College Try

“Two years ago, my dream was to become an NFL athlete,” says now 24-year-old Jaquies. “But I was stuck washing dishes and cleaning floors in a restaurant. My dreams were so much bigger than my reality.”

Having worked with other athletes, Jaquies had tried his share of different protein shakes. It wasn’t until he tasted Vi-Shape® as part of his Fit Kit that he was hooked.

“Not only was it the best tasting protein shake I’d tried, but I quickly realized the business opportunity could be just what I needed financially,” says Jaquies.

He gave it more than the ‘old college try,’ he hit it out of the park, achieving Rising Star status within just two weeks. Three weeks later and he’d hit Regional Director and earned his BMW bonus. Three months in the game and this Gen-Y’er had worked his way up to National Director, earning his $5,000 ND bonus and a trip to the National Director Experience. At that point, Jaquies was paying for college tuition out of pocket. Seven months after that, he’d leap frogged over Presidential Director and rose to Ambassador as one of the youngest six-figure earners in the company.

“Once I started promoting The Challenge I realized right away I had struck gold. Suddenly, the reality was that I could be anything I wanted to be. Vi changed everything—my quality of life, fitness and finances,” says Jaquies.

Vi Model Jaquies Jackson Built 12 lbs.

Family Matters

Being the eldest of 11 children, Jaquies had always been the role model. It was no different when it came to college, football and later, Vi. Failure was not an option if Jaquies was going to show his siblings how to reach their full potential.

“I come from humble beginnings. My family has never had the best of anything,” says Jaquies. “I was the first man in my family to go to college, to play collegiate football. It’s extremely rewarding now to be able to show people what’s possible and teach others how to pave a path to success. I am living proof that it doesn’t matter where you come from—anyone can do this.”

Starting his own Challenge was a turning point for the student-athlete. Jaquies found it easy to share The Challenge with others because he’d experienced positive results firsthand. He initially built 12 lbs. of lean muscle. Little did he know he was on his way to becoming a Vi Model.

The Sweetest Victory

From the beginning, Jaquies understood the value behind the training, leadership development, recognition and networking exclusively available under one roof at Vi events. This conviction was exactly what landed him on stage at National Success Training (NST) in Ft. Lauderdale in April 2015 competing for the coveted international Vi Model title.

“It was an unreal feeling to win,” says Jaquies. “I wanted to cry, but I have too many muscles—people wouldn’t really expect that from me,” he laughs.

For Jaquies, winning Vi Model felt like a win for his entire team, for his family and for all the Vi leaders who believed in him from day one.

“I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to live the life I want, to be able to inspire people by doing something I love to do,” says Jaquies, adding, “The Challenge and the Vi Model title allow me to use my story and my physique to impact others.”

Life Looks Good

A commitment to Vi often results in physical transformation. More than that, Vi offers many opportunities for personal development. This couldn’t be truer for Promoters like Jaquies.

“In some ways, life has slowed down,” says Jaquies. “I’ve definitely matured. Vi has taught me how to talk to others, educate and share the rewards of this business.”

With Vi Model under his belt, there’s no telling what exciting possibilities are ahead for Jaquies. He’s as focused as they come, with a full course load on his plate as he rounds out his education, and a roster of personal training clients.

Jaquies expertly integrates his Vi business into his day-to-day, teaching others how to lose weight, exercise to prevent injuries, strength train and set and achieve healthy lifestyle goals using The Challenge model.

Listen to what Jaquies has to say about becoming a Vi Model.

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