Vi Challenge Champion James Saunders Feeling Fit in his 50s


Nothing can stop military veteran and Vi’s new Challenge Champion Active/Fitness Male James (jimwilltowin) Saunders. He showed the Vi Community at National Success Training (NST) in Ft. Lauderdale in April 2015 that age is just a number. At 57, James is looking and feeling fantastic thanks to some of his favorite Vi products, which include Vi-Shape®, Vi-pak® and now NEON Energy Drink®.

Looking Beyond Age

“Age should not be a barrier to reach for better health and fitness,” says James.

After 21 years in the military, James was honorably discharged at age 38. It wasn’t until nine years later James made the decision to reenter the military at age 47. Friends and family were skeptical, believing he wouldn’t make it in due to his age.

Miraculously, James was accepted back into the military in a leadership capacity that same year. He remained for four years before retiring and started his first Challenge almost immediately to help him grapple with health issues that had sprung up and left him fatigued.

“I’m at the Peak of My Life”

“After staying committed to my Challenge goals those first 90 days and eating a balanced diet including Vi-Shape, Vi-pak supplements and ViSalus NEURO, I began to experience real changes,” says James, adding, “I had more energy, was motivated by the results I saw and was healthier than ever.”

James dropped 30 lbs. and went from a 38 to 32 waist over multiple Challenges. As his body transformed before his eyes, he set a new goal to build muscle. Soon he’d built 25.4 lbs. of lean muscle and was more confident about his health and body.

“I’m at the peak of my life,” says James. “I feel phenomenal. The Challenge naturally brought about improved Life, Health and Prosperity. Becoming a Challenge Champion only solidified my belief in The Challenge model—Vi really is ‘for everybody and every body.’”

Millions across the global Vi Community would attest to experiencing similar breakthroughs. It was because of Vi James got his health back. It was because of Vi James was motivated to return to college. It was because of Vi James changed his outlook and even met the woman of his dreams, whom he plans to wed by Vitality in October 2015.

“ViSalus is full of tangible rewards and non-scale victories,” says James. “My social media following has increased. More importantly, my relationships have grown stronger. I’m able to influence many more people in a positive way.”

James Saunders Active/Fitness Challenge Champion

Building a Business

Once he realized results James dove into his business with fervor, promoting The Challenge within his network. Vi’s message of creating meaningful connections, supporting physical transformations and promoting entrepreneurial freedom caught on with James’ friends and family. One of his sons lost 50 lbs. over multiple Challenges and one of his daughters lost 36 lbs. over multiple Challenges.

Beyond his immediate family, James has impacted hundreds of people as a Rising Star Director. His future goals?

“I’m determined to one day reach Global Ambassador. I want to inspire and lead over 10,000 people using The Challenge platform,” says James.

We’re confident James will see his goals to fruition. With the support of Vi leadership; tons of accessible resources like The Challenge MagazineVi Events & Training (VET) and more—plus the promise of rewards every step of the way, James is certain to keep winning.

Hear how James follows The Challenge system.

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