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Welcome to the Vi 90 Day Fitness Series!

Download the Vi 90 Day Fitness Series tracker.

This program is made for you to follow specifically at home in 15 minute workouts with NO equipment! You can do these workouts outside, at home, or in the gym! The point is to keep it simple. The key to creating a healthy, active lifestyle is to keep it consistent and keep it simple and with this program you can do just that.

When you open your PDF you’ll see 12 weeks of workouts, in 3 specific phases, laid out for you clearly with workout videos to follow along with.

The 90 Day workout Guide is split up into 3 different months and each month focuses on a specific phase.

  • Phase #1 is a general strength phase that gets your body moving and gets you used to working out!
  • Phase #2 moves you into a higher intensity lactic phase helping you shed fat and put on muscle and
  • Phase #3 focuses on specific strength training allowing you to build muscle and accomplish your goals!

 Each week consists of:

  • 2 Strength days
  • 1 Cardio day
  • 1 Circuit day
  • 1 High intensity day
  • 1 Active rest day
  • 1 OFF day

NOTE: each day has a specific video to follow so you know exactly what to do on that day and what each exercise looks like.

Be mindful however that your body is the boss! So some weeks you may not do all the workouts, or some weeks you may feel great so you can take it up a notch. Regardless you want to follow the workout exactly as it is laid out so you can achieve the best results possible!

Always be sure to consult with your Challenge group community to see if you are on the right back and check out for more workouts, programs, nutritional advice and tips on how to keep yourself on track!

We wish you the best of luck and we know that with a little persistence, some consistency and determination that you can accomplish your goals!

Ready to get started?

Click the links below for each phase and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!


Week 1 – 4


Week 5 – 8


Week 9-12

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The Vi Healthy Lifestyle Advisory Board is comprised of health experts from the Vi Promoter community, nominated and selected to lend their knowledge and insight.

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