Vi 5-Star Ambassador Jeremy Gilchrist: Why True Leadership Takes Courage… and Perseverance


Seven years ago, sitting on an air mattress in an empty apartment, unemployed and drowning in debt, Jeremy Gilchrist had every reason to look down. Yet instead, he looked up—and stared at his dream board on the wall.

And even though Jeremy eventually lost that apartment and just about everything else, he held onto that dream board, for it represented a vision. It was his picture of success. And while people entered and exited that picture, Jeremy stayed the course.

Leadership at its Core

Jeremy went on to quickly making that dream a reality through hard work, perseverance… and by looking to certain ViSalus leaders who faithfully lead by example. It’s how Vi Global Ambassador Nick Sarnicola and 2-Star Ambassador Jason Silverthorn came into Jeremy’s picture—and never left.

“I connected with Nick and decided to move forward working with Vi,” says Jeremy. “Together with my top leader, Aleah Joseph, as well as Paul and Mysti Wehrum, we threw a very successful Challenge party and proved the Vi business model. Nick spent a lot of time mentoring me through it all.”

It wasn’t long after when Jeremy moved from living in his parents’ basement to staying in a $29-a-day hotel. He hung his dream board once again on the wall, and then walked to Walmart to buy dry erase boards so he could add more goals. Jeremy would build his new Vi story, one goal at a time.

And then Jason became part of Jeremy’s story.

“Jason was my upline, and he left everything behind to fly out to Ohio and help our team run me to Ambassador,” says Jeremy. “We spent about a week in pajamas, with no car and surrounded by a foot of snow, with nowhere to go. We hammered the phones, and a great team rallied. I think we exceeded $43k in volume, and I achieved the Ambassador rank.”

Building Up and Down

When Jeremy stood on Vi’s event stage to receive his Ambassador check, his speech was simple.

“I told the audience to find goals that mean so much to you that those dreams will outweigh your fears,” says Jeremy. “Nick taught me that.”

In fact, Vi Leadership is all about teaching perseverance, teambuilding and achieving goals—no matter what. It’s how Jeremy learned how to become not only a strong leader, but a committed, loyal and inspirational one.

“My brothers and I had little previous business and sales experience, but we collectively learned from leaders how to not only build a business—but make it a very successful one,” says Jeremy. “I learned from Nick how to have a backbone. Jason taught me humility at its finest. My parents taught me to live frugally and help others. And my team, one of the greatest teams in this industry, showed me what it means to be so dedicated in faith. It’s why I will never leave them; they inspire me.”

And while his success with Vi over the many years has led to him paying off 180k in debt, helping thousands better their lives, and becoming a Vi Millionaire and a Vi 5-Star Ambassador, Jeremy will always draw success back to being a leader and supporting your team. After all, he has Nick and Jason as daily reminders of what authentic leadership looks like.

“The world turns via leaders,” says Jeremy. “True leadership begins the day we lead our pen to the enrollment paper. It is the foundation of this industry, and it is within all of us. Every day I get to see my dream wife and our child live worry free, and I’m so thankful I put that pen to the paper.”

Shared Success

Perhaps it’s why when Jeremy received his diamond Vi Millionaire pendant, he opted for letters that were not his initials. Instead, he thought of a creative way to symbolize his commitment to his team.

“I had the letters ‘OH’ inscribed on my pendant,” he says, “and then told my Ambassadors that the next Ambassador in Ohio to become a Vi Millionaire should inscribe ‘IO’ on his/her pendent. Together, our pendants would spell out OHIO… and show that we will finish what Team Ohio started in 2009. I have 12 Ambassadors on my team working hard for that pendant—and I have no doubt all of them will persevere to earn it.”

Having built a very strong and determined team for seven years with Vi, Jeremy has a few choice words for those looking to realize their own dream board:

“The same amount of courage and drive it will take to start a new company is the EXACT SAME courage and drive needed to stay the course in your current company. After all, it’s not about a product, service, comp plan, mentor or momentum that ultimately determines success for you in this business. It is YOU. And to develop the best ‘you,’ it takes time to learn from your experiences… and then improve. The reward of perseverance goes way beyond money; it’s about growing your skill set, building a solid team and strong relationships, and making the journey fun.”

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