Todd Reynolds Lost Over 345 Pounds on The Body by Vi Challenge


Today we have an incredibly inspiring success story to share with you. Todd Reynolds lived a life where he was confined to a using a walker/cane and at times even a wheelchair. It got to the point where he was over 600 pounds and couldn’t fit into the car. A lot has changed since 2011 for him- Todd Reynolds lost over 345 pounds on the Body by Vi Challenge.

Below is Todd’s miraculous story, in his own words.

“Prior to December 31, 2011, my life was very different than it is now. I weighed over 600 pounds and couldn’t leave my home. I had to use a walker or a cane, sometimes even a wheelchair just to get around. I had to have assistance to help me with almost everything- even simple tasks. I was on many medications to survive and could not fit into a car, let alone drive one.

I am eternally grateful to my hair stylist for introducing me to The Challenge. To be honest, I wasn’t sure it would work at first. After the first week I lost nine pounds and felt like this could really be something special- something that could change my life.

I have given The Challenge 100% of my effort for the past 17 months and have now lost over 345 lbs. My weight went from over 600 pounds all the way down to 279 pounds.

I am truly convinced that ViSalus saved my life and know it helped lift up my spirits enough to make me want to live again. My life has been transformed for the better and I couldn’t be happier or more thankful.

At this point, my mission is to share my story and help others reach their goals as I have. Prior to joining The Challenge, my doctor told me that if I didn’t join a weight loss program and shed significant weight, I was going to die. I definitely made the right choice.

There is no price tag for what ViSalus has done for me and how it has completely rejuvenated my life.

When I was invited to speak in front of over 10,00 Promoters in Los Angeles at National Success Training this past March, I was humbled to say the least. At the event I had the opportunity to share my story and teach others about “The Face of Obesity” with Blake Mallen.

Speaking to thousands of people about my story and motivating them to continue their pursuit of Life, Health and Prosperity with Blake was an incredible experience.

While I have made significant progress, I am still on my path to becoming the best version of myself that I can possibly be. With the tools and support that ViSalus offers, my next goal that I aim to achieve through The Challenge is my ultimate dream- becoming a Body by Vi Male Champion!”

Congratulations Todd, you are truly an inspiration to all! We are excited to see you continue working towards bettering your life through The Challenge and are so proud to have you as a fellow ViSalian!

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