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Skills, strength and success sum up Michael and Rebecca Todd and Ryan Morin pretty accurately. Oh, and also national champions—arm wrestlers, that is. The family took home seven gold medals, one silver medal and the national titles in each of their respective divisions last weekend at the United States Armwrestling Federation (USAF) National Armwrestling Championships in Las Vegas.

Vi CMO Blake Mallen Challenges World Champion Arm Wrestler

It all started in August 2011 when Michael accepted The Challenge and became a Promoter after a conversation with ViSalus Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Blake Mallen.

“I was a successful personal trainer already making six figures a year. I wasn’t interested in The Challenge at first,” says Michael, adding, “But after discussing the opportunity with Blake, I realized I had nothing to lose.”

Michael went ‘all in’ from day one. He quickly dropped 14 lbs, hit Regional Director in 11 days and even replaced his income within 45 days once he achieved Ambassador rank.

From Nurse to NEON Energy Drink®

Inspired by Michael’s success, Rebecca started out on her own Challenge. At 156 lbs, she was the heaviest she’d ever been.

“Before Vi I was a single working mom carrying excess midriff body fat. I was on and off diets, trying to find something that worked,” says Rebecca.

Once she became a Promoter, Rebecca devoted herself to living the Vi Life. She lost 40 lbs. and built 14 lbs. of lean muscle over multiple Challenges. She replaced her nurse’s salary in just 10 weeks and now works her Vi business full-time.

A Family Focused on FitnessMichael & Rebecca Todd and Ryan Morin National Champions

Michael and Rebecca married in 2014 and six months later decided to take on a joint Challenge and compete for the Vi Active/Fitness Couple Challenge Champion title. The two buckled down on nutrition using the Transformation Kit and lost 75 lbs. combined. Rebecca and her son Ryan are also competitive arm wrestlers.

Ryan got on The Challenge soon after Rebecca. After seeing his mother undergo a full body transformation, Ryan went from having no interest in health and fitness to suddenly being motivated to bulk up. He built 18 lbs. of muscle once he started eating right and working out while on The Challenge as a Customer. Not long afterward, he attended National Success Training (NST), met Nick Sarnicola and qualified for Regional Director just three weeks later. Now Ryan’s got a following of 15- to 22-year olds—his friends—who train with him, many of them on The Challenge and on his team.

“A lot of us are on the Fuel Kit,” says Ryan. “My favorite products are NEON and ViSalus GO for added energy that tastes awesome.”

The family promotes the Vi product range at their respective Challenge Groups. Michael shares The Challenge and Vi-Shape® samples each week with members of his walking group. Rebecca hosts a Challenge Group for women where members of all fitness levels work out together and talk about how to integrate products like Vi-Slim®, ViSalus NEURO®, Vi-pak® and more into nutrition packed meals. And Ryan runs an armwrestling group designed to help train athletes for competition.

Going Global

Now, not only does Michael weigh in as a 2-Star Ambassador with ViSalus, but he is the 17-Time World Champion, 24-Time National Champion and Reigning Ultimate Armwrestling League (UAL) Super Heavyweight World Champion Right & Left Hand. Suffice it to say this is one guy you want in your corner.

Last weekend Michael won the Men’s Open Division, 220-lb. Division Right & Left Hand and the Men’s Masters (40+ years) 220-lb. Division Right & Left Hand. Rebecca wasn’t far behind, winning the Women’s Masters Right Hand 132-lb. & 154-lb. Divisions. Ryan won the Youth’s Left Hand 143-lb. Division and finished second in the Youth’s Right Hand 143-lb. Division.

Being in the top two in each division, the Todds and Ryan qualified to compete in the World Championship. They will go on to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of Team USA this fall. With 50 countries represented and over 1,000 competitors, this family’s fitness journey is just beginning.

Michael & Rebecca Todd Armwrestling

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