The Power Couple Makes Women’s Lifestyle Magazine—4 Tips for Business Success


Global Ambassador and ViSalus Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola and wife Ashley are known as the ‘power couple.’ They are some of the highest profile entrepreneurs on the planet. Ashley recently accepted $11 million in lifetime earnings, prompting Women’s Lifestyle Magazine to feature the dynamic duo. The Internet has been buzzing with delight over the Q&A that paints a true-to-life portrait of Nick and Ashley. We teased out four tips for business success the couple revealed in their interview. Get your notebooks out. Class is in session.

#1—Stay connected to your business.

You won’t find Nick and Ashley taking a two-week vacation.

“We do 48-hour, massively intense life experiences,” says Nick about extended business trips that celebrate success by dining in castles abroad and more.

Nick and Ashley do not check out at any time. According to Ashley, 40,000 families depend on the couple to be disciplined and consistent with their business.

“We don’t ever, not even on our 48-hour vacations, completely check out. That’s just not in our belief system,” says Ashley.

It’s a sound philosophy and one widely accepted by other Vi top leaders who are just as invested in their organizations. Successful entrepreneurs are present as much as possible in their businesses and always have a finger on the pulse of what’s current in their areas of expertise.

#2—Value time rather than manage it.Nick & Ashley Sarnicola Couple

Ah, the ever elusive work-life balance. We can’t count the number of books, apps and other tools available to help us manage our time. Nick reasons that rather than concentrating on time management, business owners instead value the pockets of personal time they have to build relationships, visit with family and savor life experiences.

“My personal philosophy is you shouldn’t manage time, you should value it,” says Nick.

Priorities are key. Yes, you can still schedule meetings and get things done, but remember Nick’s advice to take time to enjoy life by doing things that either make you money or make you happy.

#3—Pursue passion projects.

“My number one piece of advice… is to find something you’re passionate about so it doesn’t feel like work,” says Ashley.

There’s a lot of truth to this simple statement. Many people spend their lives punching the corporate clock only to go home feeling dissatisfied. If you’re going to spend 40+ hours a week at work, don’t you want that work to be meaningful and financially and personally rewarding? The best gift you can give yourself is the ability to turn your passion into a business. We say ditch the nine-to-five and trail blaze.

#4—Celebrate victories, large and small.

Success is hard won. And it’s often all the little steps you take over time that lead to big victories. In that spirit, Nick and Ashley believe in celebrating both the large and small accomplishments during your entrepreneurial journey.

“Don’t forget to celebrate,” says Nick, adding, “We always celebrate our victories.”

Ashley agrees, “Yes, we always reward ourselves for hitting goals.”

Entrepreneurs like Nick and Ashley are very forward thinking and focused on achieving new goals. It’s pretty refreshing to know that as much as the power couple looks ahead, they also pause to recognize how far they’ve come by celebrating milestones.

Now you have all the notes you need to pull straight A’s in entrepreneurship. From Nick, Ashley and ViSalus—Life, Health & Prosperity are all within reach. This is your life and you’re in the driver’s seat. Go get ‘em.

Nick & Ashley Sarnicola's Q&A with Women's Lifestyle

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