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Tom & Deb McCoy and family – California

A remarkable family of seven, with ages ranging from 15 to 68, came together and conquered a 5K Spartan Super race as part of their Vi Family Challenge. This tremendous family is an absolute inspiration. Pushing boundaries, setting examples, leaving behind a legacy of values, building healthier lifestyles, and holding each other accountable make the McCoy family tick.

As Deb McCoy puts it, “Leaving a legacy of family love, healthy living & contribution is important to us. Being role models is key.  The CLU 5K culminated our Family Challenge. As our family celebrated conquering the run, we realized it was the fun, active family moments that we’re helping build a legacy of values for our children & grandkids.”

For Deb, 67, and her husband Tom, 68, healthy living has long been an important part of their life together. Even after completing the 5K, Tom went on to run a half marathon with his son and two grandchildren.

Not only has the family challenge supercharged their passion for active living, but it has also helped bring everyone together. They inspired and encouraged one another. They held each other accountable. They pulled each other up through vulnerable moments, and they cheered for their victories.



There were seven distinct sets of personal goals in the family, ranging from losing weight, gaining muscle, achieving daily step goals, building the miles, preparing for marathons, to increasing fitness levels and improving the overall health. However, one common goal that resonated with everyone was to come together as a family and be more active.

Improving the overall health of a family and aligning everyone’s physical fitness in one direction was very important to us,” Tom says, “And I think we met that goal, and certainly had a lot of fun doing it”.



For a family of seven, living distances apart – during training Deb built and kept the momentum by posting weekly updates through texts & photos of their fitness journeys. “We cheered small victories & empathized over sore muscles”, she says. “We walked/jogged longer distances, exercised at the beach & gym, played basketball, biked, & reminded each other that nachos as an occasional treat were okay.”

Everybody found a way to fit health into their schedules, with everything from regular lunch break walks and early morning runs, to weekend workouts and after-school football practices.


When we asked ‘what were some unique emotions experienced through the race’, Deb explains, “as we’re going down the path towards the finish line and we see each other, we hi-fived, gave thumbs up as we passed each other, and although it may not sound like a big thing, the way it builds self-confidence, respect and camaraderie – it’s just hard to beat!

Tom echoes the very similar feeling. He says that the immensely powerful rush of emotions that were experienced at the race, and the training leading up to it, aren’t of a kind that one can decipher without experiencing it first hand. “It’s a kind of an emotional family bonding, only that the word ‘bonding’ doesn’t do it justice”, Tom says, “every time we passed, we asked each other, ‘how are we doing’, ‘how’s it going’, and we kept encouraging each other. That in itself created a very personal and individual connection” And it certainly doesn’t sound like the kind of connection you can possibly forge indoors within the confinement of four walls.

Vi Products & Support

At the heart of this family’s success throughout was the Vi Product line, which has fueled them for over a decade now. For Tom and Deb, ViSalus is about ‘giving people tools and ways to make a difference in their lives and live a healthier life’.

From daily shakes, to snacks, supplements and drinks, the entire menu played a role in their journey. “You start taking a shake, or a PRO, or GO shots – and with the products fuelling your energy, all of a sudden you say, you know what, I feel like walking around the block.. so, I’ll go and do that”.

Whether it is the energy, or endurance, or nutrition that we want, ViSalus gives it to you, and in turn, it improves your performance. It’s all part of Vi’s mission to transform Life, Health, and Prosperity worldwide.

Next Goal

Although the McCoy family hasn’t set a full family challenge yet (repeat: yet), one challenge that is very real for this family is to set a solid foundation of healthy lifestyle in the family and build that legacy of values.

The mindset we’ve created in our family, we want to see it continue and carry forward through our kids and grandkids. We want to see them learn to take care of themselves nutritionally”, Tom says, “It is their turn to pick up on it and carry it themselves. Our challenge at this point is to see what we’ve taught them so far get instilled in them, such that it becomes a habit”.

Parting Thoughts

Maybe it’s a generational love, and generational gratitude for each other, or appreciation and love for each other – but it was just really important to us. Our family is very close, and we love to help others. Fitness is a fun part of our lives. And for us to experience that together, it certainly strengthened our values.” – Deb McCoy

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