Suzanne Wilcox Celebrates ‘Non-Scale Vi Victories’


ViSalus Regional Director and veterinarian Suzanne Wilcox has gotten two ‘second chances’ in life and she’s now living the Vi Life with gusto. In 2011 Suzanne was riding her horse and because she was overweight, couldn’t keep her balance and fell. A riding helmet saved her life the first time.

True Transformation

“I didn’t even realize how much the weight had just crept on over the years,” says Suzanne.

At the time of the accident Suzanne weighed in at 291 lbs. Over the course of her recovery and during the following year she tried just about every diet system on the market and even worked with a weight-loss consultant to try and slim down. Nothing worked.

Then ViSalus entered the scene and Suzanne’s true weight-loss journey began—a second, second chance. A friend who had lost weight using a combination of Vi-Shape® and regular exercise introduced Suzanne to Vi products and a healthier lifestyle. Suzanne started out on the Transformation Kit and committed to two Vi-Shape Shakes a day plus healthy snacks and a balanced meal at dinner.

“I dropped 10, 20, 30, then 40 lbs. over multiple Challenges and within a year’s time had lost a total of 70 lbs,” says Suzanne. “I went from a size 20 to 14 and from 3XL to Large/Medium.”

Phenomenal at 50

Suzanne turned 50 this year and credits Vi products for looking and feeling fantastic.

“I start my day with Vi-Shape or Vi Crunch and make sure to add Vi-Trim or Vi-Slim to help me stay on track with my morning and afternoon eating plan,” says Suzanne, adding, “NEON Energy Drink and ViSalus GO help power me through workouts later in the day.”

Another great tip? Suzanne spills Vi-Trim® into her Vi-Defy® or ViSalus NEURO® Raspberry Boost and sips all day. It’s her secret weapon against doughnuts, Danishes and ding-dongs.

From hula hoop and Zumba to 10Ks and power lifting, Suzanne has transformed not only her body, but her attitude about what she can accomplish physically. At her last power lifting competition she dead lifted 220 lbs. and benched 95 lbs. Now she’s aiming for the 100-lb. Club.

“I have my life back,” says Suzanne, “And it’s the non-scale victories that are the icing on the cake. Fitting into smaller clothes, participating in a range of different fitness activities and having tons more energy than I’ve ever had—all this is priceless.”

Have a great transformation story? Whether you’re new to The Challenge, working on a weight-loss or fitness goal or have completed a 90-Day Challenge—we want to hear about it! After all, your stories make up the fabric of the Vi Community. Enter to win HERE.

Suzanne Wilcox Weight-Loss Transformation

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