Super Secret Fat Loss Tip


Super Secret Fat Loss Tip

By Mia St-Aubin  
Fitness Director  
Vi Healthy Lifestyle Advisory Board  

I’d like to share my number #͏͏1 t͏͏i͏͏p͏͏ f͏͏o͏͏r͏͏ f͏͏a͏͏t͏͏ l͏͏o͏͏s͏͏s͏͏ with you!….ready? Here it is…..


L͏͏o͏͏w͏͏ c͏͏a͏͏l͏͏o͏͏r͏͏i͏͏e͏͏ d͏͏i͏͏e͏͏t͏͏s͏͏ n͏͏o͏͏t͏͏ o͏͏n͏͏l͏͏y͏͏ d͏͏e͏͏p͏͏r͏͏i͏͏v͏͏e͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏r͏͏ b͏͏o͏͏d͏͏y͏͏ o͏͏f͏͏ i͏͏m͏͏p͏͏o͏͏r͏͏t͏͏a͏͏n͏͏t͏͏ n͏͏u͏͏t͏͏r͏͏i͏͏e͏͏n͏͏t͏͏s͏͏, b͏͏u͏͏t͏͏ t͏͏h͏͏e͏͏y͏͏ can a͏͏l͏͏s͏͏o͏͏ c͏͏a͏͏u͏͏s͏͏e͏͏ a͏͏ m͏͏a͏͏s͏͏s͏͏i͏͏v͏͏e͏͏ l͏͏o͏͏s͏͏s͏͏ i͏͏n͏͏ m͏͏u͏͏s͏͏c͏͏l͏͏e͏͏. And I͏͏ k͏͏n͏͏o͏͏w͏͏,͏͏ I’ve heard it before, y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ f͏͏e͏͏e͏͏l͏͏ t͏͏h͏͏a͏͏t͏͏ m͏͏u͏͏s͏͏c͏͏l͏͏e͏͏ c͏͏a͏͏n͏͏ m͏͏a͏͏k͏͏e͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ bulky; b͏͏u͏͏t͏͏ i͏͏n͏͏ r͏͏e͏͏a͏͏l͏͏i͏͏t͏͏y͏͏, t͏͏h͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏o͏͏r͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏u͏͏s͏͏c͏͏l͏͏e͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ h͏͏a͏͏v͏͏e͏͏, t͏͏h͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏o͏͏r͏͏e͏͏ F͏͏A͏͏T͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏r͏͏ b͏͏u͏͏r͏͏n͏͏.͏͏

T͏͏h͏͏e͏͏ b͏͏e͏͏t͏͏t͏͏e͏͏r͏͏ b͏͏a͏͏l͏͏a͏͏n͏͏c͏͏e͏͏d͏͏ d͏͏i͏͏e͏͏t͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ e͏͏a͏͏t͏͏, t͏͏h͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏o͏͏r͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏u͏͏s͏͏c͏͏l͏͏e͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ c͏͏a͏͏n͏͏ b͏͏u͏͏i͏͏l͏͏d͏͏, w͏͏i͏͏t͏͏h͏͏ p͏͏r͏͏o͏͏p͏͏e͏͏r͏͏ e͏͏x͏͏e͏͏r͏͏c͏͏i͏͏s͏͏e͏͏ o͏͏f͏͏ course. T͏͏h͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏o͏͏r͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏u͏͏s͏͏c͏͏l͏͏e͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ h͏͏a͏͏v͏͏e͏͏,͏͏ t͏͏h͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏o͏͏r͏͏e͏͏ f͏͏a͏͏t͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ b͏͏u͏͏r͏͏n͏͏,͏͏ t͏͏h͏͏e͏͏ m͏͏o͏͏r͏͏e͏͏ y͏͏o͏͏u͏͏ c͏͏a͏͏n͏͏ g͏͏o͏͏ shopping for new clothes!͏͏

Look at this way: If you plan a trip that takes a full day’s worth of gas in your car, but you only put in half a tank of gas, are you going to make it to your destination??! Of course not.

The same is true for our bodies. We have been led to believe that in order to accomplish our fitness goals we’ve got to a) eat less (starve ourselves) b) exercise more and c) punish our bodies and work harder.

What happens come January first is that we all set these amazing goals with the best intentions, we hit the gym hard for about 2 weeks, maybe a month if we’re lucky, and then because that’s all we’ve done, work out and work out harder, nothing changes, we get discouraged and we stop.

Then we get the bright idea that if we really want to accomplish our goal the next time around we’ve got to work even HARDER, stop “snacking” and just get more focused.

And so just even the thought of doing it again is so exhausting we throw on another layer of winter clothing and call it a day. And you know what, I don’t blame you! It sounds awful just writing it, but trust me, it does not have to be this way.

So, forget most of what you’ve ever heard about nutrition and fat loss, and take this in…. our bodies need roughly, for most people, 1,500 calories a day just to function, just to be at work, to breathe, sneeze, type, you name it. We need that many calories just to be, and some of you don’t even eat that many calories to begin with. So, if you throw a workout in there 5 days a week, on fewer than the 1,500 calories that we need just to BE, and then demand fat loss from our bodies, it ain’t going to happen.

You’ve got to fuel your machine.


See? Simple!

Vi makes this simple, convenient, and affordable with an entire menu of healthy meals, drinks, snacks and supplements to keep you making smart choices when you need to fuel your engine.

And with #ViCommit, Premier Customers can get an additional $200 worth of products for FREE when they enter to win after completing 90 days. Make sure you’ve build your perfect Custom Challenge Kit today, and get everything you need conveniently delivered every month.

When it comes to your health, be smart, and eat smart!

About The Author

The Vi Healthy Lifestyle Advisory Board is comprised of health experts from the Vi Promoter community, nominated and selected to lend their knowledge and insight.

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