Healthy Super Bowl Popcorn Snack


WOO HOOO, it’s Super Bowl party weekend! Who’s hosting a party!?

It goes without saying that your guests are coming over for the game… but how many are coming for the food? Possibly even more! It’s practically an American pastime to rally for the Super Bowl commercials, halftime show, and snacks. So what are some healthy Super Bowl snacks?

In addition to (or instead of!) nachos and potato chips this year, here’s a healthier snack that every guest can get behind: Do-It-Yourself Popcorn!

All you need to buy is popcorn, your favorite toppings, seasonings, and paper bags.


DIY Healthy Super Bowl POPCORN BAR

Think of what flavors you and your friends enjoy: Spicy, sweet, salty, hot, veggie, etc. Which ones can blend well together?

Place 10-15 little bowls on your table. Fill each with a topping (see below) and label each one with a toothpick flag or the like. Place small spoons in the dishes for serving.

Pop (or buy) a lot of plain popcorn and pour it in a huge bowl just before your guests arrive.

Place it at the end of a buffet-style table with a big scooper for serving. It’s best served warm if possible. Next to the bowl, stack a bunch of lunch-sized paper bags.

Each guest can fill up a bag of popcorn to enjoy plain or with their toppings of choice. Then fold the bag over and shake shake shake! The perfect Super Bowl viewing snack.





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