Super Bowl Monday: 5 Ways to Bounce Back From a Weekend of Indulgence


It’s said that the average American will eat about 6,000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday. And for anyone who set a New Year’s Resolution or posted their #ViCommit, this could be a major set back for your health goals.

On the bright side, Super Bowl Sunday is always followed by a Monday… which research shows to be the day of the week that we are most productive and focused on our health. We are much more likely to adopt new healthy habits on Mondays, so it’s the perfect post Super Bowl day for over-indulgers to get back on track.

Here are 5 Tips & Tricks to get back on track after an indulgent weekend:

  1. A Clean Slate: On Monday, give yourself a clean slate rather than wallow in the guilt of your weekend celebrations. A monster gym session won’t undo the damage from yesterday. You’d have to run a marathon or more to burn off all those empty calories. So instead, cut your losses and dedicate your energy to a winning mindset, and a solid plan for success.
  1. Create Manageable Goals: Championships are won a week at a time. Think about revamping your meal and fitness plan the same way. Pick one area to focus your efforts on for the week. Once you’ve mastered it, move on to the next area of your health that needs attention. Eventually, you’ll rack up healthy habits.
  1. #ViCommit to Your Goal: Make a #ViCommit contract with yourself that states what your goal is and a proposed deadline to accomplish it. And most importantly, set some stakes: a consequence or reward if you do/don’t achieve it. For instance, if you reach your goal, reward yourself with tickets to a game. On the flip side, you can penalize yourself for not reaching your goal by wearing a rival team’s jersey everyday for a week. Start tripling your chances of success now at,
  1. Schedule: Use your schedule to block out time for yourself each day to commit to your health. Whether it’s healthy meals with our Vi-Shape or Vi-Crunch, or mapping out Leg Day vs. Chest Day, put each event in writing on your calendar before you start the week, so you’ll stick to your commitments.
  1. Keep Going (For at least 90 Days): Odds are, some days will be better than others, but remember, even Super Bowl champions don’t always have perfect seasons. When you have a great week, celebrate! Post to Social Media! And when you don’t, reach out, go to a Challenge Group, keep yourself accountable, and don’t let a bump in the road derail your efforts.

Make an effort to recommit to yourself (and your #ViCommit goals!) every single day. As Oprah says, “if not now, when?


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