Summer Bodies Start in Winter Series Kicks off NOW


With just six weeks left until the countdown to the New Year, it’s time to hustle—literally. Get your body in gear this holiday season as we kick off our Summer Bodies Start in Winter fitness series. Over the next several weeks we’ll share nutrition and fitness tips designed to keep your waistline trim as you deck the halls all the way to January 1.

To start things off with a bang, we’ve listed four ways to get focused on your New Year’s resolution to sculpt the body of your dreams in time for next summer. #Fitnessgoals

Summer Bodies Start in Winter

#1—Plan Ahead

Now’s the time to boldly set your intention for the (near) future. Determine a realistic weight-loss or fitness goal, map out meal plans that incorporate nutritious Vi products and establish a variety of workout routines that will set you up for success from day one.

#2—Be Realistic

You won’t move mountains overnight. Know that making headway with your health goals takes time and commitment. Settle on a number for weight lost or muscle built that is SMART (i.e., significant, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound).

#3—Track Your Progress

It’s easy! Use The Challenge mobile app to track weekly progress toward your goal. Every small hurdle you tackle brings you one step closer to summer sexiness.

#4—Connect with the Vi Community

A strong support system is everything when it comes to making personal progress toward any goal—especially one related to health, wellness and fitness. Go public with your resolution and plug into the Vi Community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Get it? Got it. Good. With your fitness plan in place and Community support, you’ve got everything you need to curb your holiday sweet tooth and tone that bod. Visit the Vi Life channel here on the Vi Life Community Hub on Sundays through January 1 for a weekly dose of inspiration.

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