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Having played Division 1 soccer at Providence, I know what it means to take care of your body- both from a nutritional standpoint, as well as in the gym (on the field, court, etc.). Last year, after tearing my meniscus during the college soccer preseason, I endured surgery and rehab while putting on about 15 pounds of fat. Soccer has always been something I’m truly passionate about, so having to sit on the sideline was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Gaining weight didn’t make it any easier.

Not only was I unable to get out on the field, but because I had always been so active, my body didn’t respond well to the lack of exercise. Getting my weight back down was a struggle until I found the Body by Vi Challenge. I jumped on board drinking the delicious shakes and using my Transformation Kit and after 45 days I had lost 17.4 pounds with minimal workout (still recovering from my knee injury). In the next 45 days of my challenge, I was able to step up my workouts and gained 3 pounds of lean muscle.

Overall, in my first 90 day challenge I dropped 3% body fat. I felt better than ever, even better than in soccer preseason, thinking I was in tip-top shape. Little did I know that The Challenge has so much more to offer than just 90 days! I just wrapped up my 3rd 90 day challenge, in which I have taken my fitness to new heights using the Fit Kit.

Here is a leg work out that I absolutely love which was put together by my trainer, Tony Markusic. This is a key leg workout for any of you soccer players out there, or just anyone looking for strong legs!

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Plyometric Lunges

These are great for building your explosiveness, especially for athletes. These will help any soccer player (or athlete for that matter) with their speed and strength on the field. Not only that, but these type of lunges can really improve your overall balance.

Front Squats

Front squats are perfect for building your quads, core and lower back. Make sure to keep the bar on the front of your shoulders as it will pull you forward a bit more. One of the biggest advantages of working front squats into your workout is that they can be utilized as a great way to prevent injuries

Dead Lifts

Dead Lifts are another great exercise for athletes as they can really improve your strength. Dead Lifts will primarily work the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Sumo Squats

Sumo squats are going to primarily work your hamstrings, the vastus intermedius quadriceps (the inner thighs), and again will work the lower back and the glutes.

The combination of these workouts are sure to help tone and strengthen your legs, improve your core strength and are a great way to help prevent injuries.

Stay tuned and follow my journey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (in addition to this blog) as I’ll be starting my 4th Challenge shortly!

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  1. Alejandro Tejeda on

    I’d like to start my first 90 days challenge, I’d love to gain 5 to 10 pounds of lean muscle, loose belly fat (I don’t have much) and increase leg volume. Can’t wait

    • honestly- im a 36yr old man that is very motivated and imeersspd with your workouts!!! you are very intense and ive never seen a woman with so much energy you are proof that you dont need alot of equipment to have a great workout!! you are an enjoyment to watch and i can tell your passionate about what you do. much love and keep up the good work. oh yeah- your sexy 2!LOL

    • For abs I would try to do at least 15 reps per set but that will vary depending how duliicfft the exercise is and how fatigued your abs already are. If you don’t take any real breaks between these exercises, it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get 15+ reps per set. Overall though I would encourage you to do higher reps for abs and avoid weighted abdominal exercises so you build small lean high endurance ab muscle and not as bulky

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