Soy Protein Shows Potential Brain Benefits


One of the keys to our Vi-Shape is its’ unique Tri-Sorb™ protein blend of three high quality proteins: soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydrolysate. Our soy protein isolate is non-GMO, heart-healthy and isoflavone-free. We use whey protein because it can help curb hunger and is concentrated to provide higher amounts of protein and yield fewer carbs and fat.

Research shows that soy, used in combination with a dairy protein such as whey, demonstrates prolonged delivery of amino acids to muscles and extended muscle protein synthesis, compared to a single source of protein alone. A new study on soy has shown that soy protein actually shows potential ‘brain boosting benefits’ .  According to this new Sino-Japanese study, peptides from soybeans were associated with a decrease in adrenalin levels and an increase in dopamine levels.

Researchers wrote that “These results suggest that adequate [supplementation]with soybean peptide can be useful in healthy populations through and improvement in immune functions, stress conditions and brain conditions.”

To learn more about the benefits of the Vi-Shape Tri-Sorb™ protein blend click here. To learn more about these newly found benefits of soy protein, click here.

Source: Nutrition Journal,  Nutra Ingredients

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