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Brandon Kling had played and coached soccer all his life. He spent 10 years in the military and was active and fit at 190 lbs. In 2003, Brandon started working in banking and for some time also ran his own financial business. Before he knew it he was making food choices based on convenience rather than nutrition or skipping meals altogether.

“I’d always led an active lifestyle but eventually life, work and my belly got in the way,” says Brandon.

At 250 lbs, Brandon could no longer keep up on the soccer field. He knew change was critical if he were to regain his former physique. Brandon started his first Challenge in April 2014. Before he knew it, through a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise, he had dropped 54 lbs. and built 12 lbs. of lean muscle over multiple Challenges. One year later he claimed the Male Weight-Loss Challenge Champion title and prize package.

Brandon Kling Vi Challenge Champion

It Takes Teamwork to Make Dreams Work

Before long, Brandon’s wife Kristy was on The Challenge and together they were unstoppable. Like Brandon, Kristy had always enjoyed being fit, but it came at the expense of yo-yo dieting. Naturally, her weight fluctuated with each new product or program she tried. The Challenge was a game changer for the couple.

“We found by being on The Challenge together—by drinking Vi-Shape daily and putting in consistent exercise—we not only lost more weight, but also held one another accountable,” says Brandon.

The two started out on the Shape Kit, transitioned to the Transformation Kit for optimal weight-loss results and now maintain on the Fuel Kit for comprehensive nutrition. Favorite products include Vi-Shape®, Vi Crunch® and NEON Energy Drink®.

“The great taste and versatility of Vi-Shape make nutrition easy,” says Brandon. “I can blend my own Vi-Shape Shake varieties by simply adding fruit, nonfat Greek yogurt, nuts, seeds and more. Vi Crunch is another no-brainer. I often top my cereal with Fruit Frenzy Vi-Bites.”

Building Lifelong Health Habits

Success came as a result of hard work, dedication and being connected to the Vi Community on- and offline.

“I’m constantly working toward new health, weight-loss and fitness goals,” says Brandon “The Challenge is all about building lifelong health habits, learning from mistakes and pushing through personal barriers. It’s impacted every aspect of my life.”

Today Brandon and his family are happier and healthier than ever. Even his kids have joined in on The Challenge as they work toward their own personal health goals.

“Because of The Challenge and Vi products, I’ve become much more hands on and active with my family and the kids I coach,” says Brandon. “The next step is really kicking my business into gear. I’m prepared to cross the stage as a Vi Equity holder at Vitality.”

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