Scott & Shanda Whitney: Body by Vi Couples Champions


Between owning two businesses and having active children, Scott and Shanda kept very busy and had little time to get their health on track. Shanda says “I gain weight easily and have a hard time losing it since we are so busy.” Before the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge Shanda weighed 164 pounds and is only 5 feet tall. Both she and her husband were overweight and were seeking a change. Shanda’s sister, a ViSalus distributor, introduced them to the Body by Vi 90 day challenge. When introduced to the product Scott really wanted to take the challenge to lose weight and get healthy. Shanda, on the other hand, just wanted to help out her sister, since her sister is growing in the ViSalus business. To kick start their challenge, Scott and Shanda both ordered the Transformation Kit which included, 60 shakes, appetite and metabolism support, Neuro, essential oils and more. During the challenge Scott experienced healthy and rapid weight loss which motivated him even more to continue. After losing 12 pounds and one pant size in the first three weeks, Shanda realized that the product is what she was looking for and had never tried anything like it. In comparison to gyms, trainers, and diets, Shanda says “The shakes are easy to fit into my day. They’re on the go like me.”

With the challenge bringing Scott and Shanda such success, their friends and family joined the challenge as well. Shanda’s mother lost 30 pounds and was taken off of four of her medications. Also, Scott’s sister has lost 40 pounds. By the end of the challenge Scott decided to keep going and has lost a total of 67 pounds. Shanda has lost 34 pounds and three feet around her whole body! Yes three feet! For their radical transformation, ViSalus flew them to Hollywood, California to meet the ViSalus team and receive the ultimate Hollywood experience. The couple went to an elite spa for head to toe pampering, had a photo shoot, attended a Lakers game and much more.

Since the challenge, Scott and Shanda say that even if you are not using ViSalus products for weight loss, use it for your health. Their children drink the shakes all the time. “My four-year-old drinks the peanut butter shakes, my ten-year-old likes all of them, and my fourteen-year-old drinks the shakes every other day,” says Shanda. The couple is so impressed with the results ViSalus has given them and their loved ones that they promote the product and are proof of the products success. “I’m not going to be old when I’m young!” says Shanda. The couple has become healthier, happier, and have a positive outlook on life.

Scott and Shanda’s message: “Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. If you take the challenge, you will be healthier and lose weight. Just drink the 2 shakes a day and don’t compare your weight loss to others”

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