Sarah Millgate Embraces Life, Health & Prosperity


One of the UK’s newest Vi National Directors Sarah Millgate suffered from a health issue that made it difficult for her to exercise. As a result, it became nearly impossible for Sarah to lose weight. At 15 stone (210 lbs.), she was unhappy and unfit.

“I needed something to help me lose weight despite my limited fitness abilities,” says Sarah. “As I ballooned to my heaviest weight, even walking became difficult.”

Sarah learned about The Challenge in 2014. Through a combination of using Vi products and light exercise, she lost an incredible 4 stone (56 lbs.) over multiple Challenges. As her weight dropped, Sarah became more confident and she saw her life improve in many areas.

“Not only have I lost weight and now maintain a healthy lifestyle, I am financially stable and even driving a brand new BMW,” says Sarah, adding, “With Vi, the possibilities are endless.”

Delighted with her results, Sarah felt the urge to help others achieve similar success while on The Challenge. She shared The Challenge with friends, family and prospects, and brought many people onto her team as Promoters. Soon she developed not only a healthy lifestyle, but a thriving business. By June 2015 she hit ND.

“I’m very lucky to have such a supportive team that is hungry for success. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them,” says Sarah.

UK Based Vi Promoter Sarah Millgate

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