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Katie and Luis Aranda wanted to have a baby, but in order to do so her doctor informed her that she had to lose weight. Losing weight can be difficult for anyone but Katie’s health condition, PCOS, makes it especially difficult. The doctor told her that weight loss would be so difficult that if she only ate lettuce not only would she not lose weight, she might even gain weight. Imagine gaining weight when all you eat is lettuce…

Not satisfied with the idea of only eating lettuce and STILL gaining weight, Katie went to a different doctor who gave her very different information. The doctor agreed that she needed to lose weight to have a baby, but this doctor felt that the best remedy for her situation was to join the ViSalus 90 Day Challenge. Both Katie and her family were admittedly skeptical at first, but now that the family lost over 300 pounds on the Body by Vi Challenge since March of 2012, they are definitely believers.

Review Atlas recently caught up with the family to hear more about their incredible achievement. Below is the Review Atlas article that highlights how they have significantly improved their health with the help of the Body by Vi Challenge.

Sometimes when you lose, you gain.

Beth and Bob Reedy, daughter Katie Aranda and son-in-law Luis Aranda have lost more than 300 pounds together since March  2012. On their weight loss journey, they’ve renewed their family’s support system, drastically improved their health and increased their energy levels.

“It’s been a blessing for our family,” Beth said.

They all agree that the best part of losing weight is what they’ve gained — a new, precious baby boy. Lorenzo Reed Aranda was born April 10, 2013.

Katie was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome in November 2011. The hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Aranda was told she could eat only lettuce and would still either gain or retain weight. When Katie and Luis decided to try to have a baby, she was told she needed to lose weight in order to conceive.

That’s when Katie’s doctor in Galesburg recommended that Katie try a new weight loss and nutrition program called Body by Vi. Body by Vi, from ViSalus Sciences, offers a nutritional supplement powder that can be mixed with a variety of liquids and flavors, like almond milk and chocolate pudding, into a shake that can be used to replace two meals a day for weight loss purposes.

Katie, however, lives in Pittsburg, Kan. with Luis, and couldn’t attend the Body by Vi Challenge Party her doctor told her about — so she sent her parents. While Beth was a little skeptical at first, the family decided to give it a try and immediately began to see a difference from drinking the shake they say tastes like cake batter.

About four to five weeks into her challenge, Katie’s weight began to plateau. “The inches weren’t coming off as much,” Katie said. “I realized I was pregnant.” Katie was able to wear her old clothes as maternity clothes.

That’s when Luis, who had been the most skeptical, decided it was a legitimate product. Luis thought, “I should start doing this so I can be healthy when (the baby) comes.”

“I was always the heavy kid,” Luis said. Growing up in the south side of Chicago with a family that didn’t stress the importance of healthy habits, he said he had grown accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Katie altered her diet during pregnancy, but hopes to complete her first, uninterrupted 90-day Challenge.

Luis has lost 48 pounds; Beth has lost more than 60 pounds; Katie has lost more than 80 pounds and Bob has lost 107 pounds. Bob and Beth’s health was jeopardized before they started the challenge. Bob was diagnosed with lymphoma seven years ago. After undergoing two years of chemotherapy, he knocked it into remission. However, in order for it to stay in remission, Bob has to remain healthy. “The best thing that (Body by Vi) does is get you nutrition,” Beth said.

Beth encourages her elderly parents to drink the Vi shakes for their high content of vitamins and nutrients. When Beth started the program, she had undergone both a knee and hip replacement and was getting around with a walker. She wasn’t able to teach. Now, she has resumed her career teaching first grade at Lincoln.

Part of the nutritional force of Body by Vi that the family appreciates is the boost in energy. “This give you a lot of energy,” Bob said. This energy is important to the Arandas with their new baby, important to Beth when she is teaching small children, and important to Bob, as he juggles with coaching wrestling at Monmouth-Roseville High School, football at Monmouth College and teaching physical education to fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Central. “I have a lot of fun with them,” Bob said.

Bob is now a Body by Vi Promoter, having encouraged people to embark on the journey to health and weight loss. He has earned a BMW through the company. “We’re not selling our product. We’re selling our story,” Bob said. “We’re helping people.” The Reedy and Aranda family weight loss success has qualified them as finalists in Body by Vi’s national competition.

On July 19, the family will travel to the Body by Vi Vitality Conference in Orlando, Fla. and give their testimonies to more than 20,000 people. If they are selected as the winner in the family weight loss category based on their story, transformation and the public’s vote of support, they can win the transformation vacation. The prize includes a trip to California, a spa treatment, makeover and $5,000 shopping spree.”

Make sure to vote for a ViSalus Champion such as Bob, Katie, Luis, Beth, and many others to reward those that have worked so hard to positively transform their lives!

Source: Review Atlas

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