Regional Director & Sergeant Major Paul Archie Draws on 26 Years of Leadership Experience in the Marine Corps


It’s hard to believe that it was just on October 31, 2014 that Sergeant Major Paul Archie, now a Regional Director, joined Vi. In just 32 days, he went from Associate to Regional Director and qualified for his BMW. It was both “amazing and humbling,” said Paul.

Vi Regional Director & Sergeant Major Paul ArchieU.S. Marine Corps Service

After 26 years of U.S. Marine Corps service, the highly decorated marine with active combat duties in Iraq and Afghanistan, brought his leadership skills and experience to Vi. When asked about his decision to become a Promoter, Paul said, “It was a great opportunity to help people transform their health, and to earn extra income for my family.”

For the past 16 years, Paul served in the highest enlisted leadership billets in the Marine Corps including Sergeant Major for the 2nd Marine Regiment as well as Sergeant Major of MCRD/ERR Parris Island, which finds and trains future Marines. His expertise ranged from advising officers and Generals on all matters, to training and mentoring new enlistees, to team-oriented leadership in combat and peacetime operations. He was also awarded the Bronze Star, the nation’s fourth highest award for combat valor.

It’s no surprise, then, that with Paul’s diverse background and distinguished leadership, he made a smooth and successful transition into Vi.

Challenge Results

Paul’s success as a Promoter goes hand in hand with his early success on The Challenge. He has already lost 10 lbs. and is currently working on building lean muscle. “Now the bulking up of my muscles is what I am working on. It’s going great so far and I am excited to show people the results,” said Paul.

Key Players

Paul credits his early success to Vi Director Charles Schmid and 3-Star Ambassador Jordan Delacruz. “Jordan never sleeps. He is a leader that lives, breathes, eats, promotes and is Vi! He’s an awesome leader,” said Paul.

But when it comes to Paul’s ‘WHY’—his source of motivation, he said, “My dad, my wife and God inspire me the most. There are many others, but these three keep me going and striving to be an example to all including my kids!”

Parallels in Leadership

When asked about the parallels between Marine Corps leadership and Vi leadership, Paul said, “ViSalus is just like the USMC! You have to lead, follow, demonstrate with your own example, and CARE about your people! You have to lead your leaders just like the USMC does!”

Persistence Pays

As someone who has spent years mentoring and training others, Paul was eager to share his advice to other Promoters looking to rise the ranks:

“Be consistent, persistent and never give up! Stay positive, keep watering your seeds and they will blossom when you least expect it! Some of my people said no initially, and then a month later, they said yes! Also, follow the system and keep your activity up! HAVE FUN AND BE ENERGETIC!!!!!!”

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