Rachel Histed: Busy Mom of 2 Hits Regional Director; Focuses on Equity


Rachel Histed was just like any average, hard-working American woman trying to support and provide for her family. But Rachel was able to achieve something extraordinary by growing her business and becoming a Vi Regional Director. In fact, she was able to transform her life with one simple decision: accept The Challenge.

Looking Beyond Education

With an undergraduate degree in biology and a Master of Science in Health Education, it seemed Rachel’s life was all mapped out. But in 2013 when Rachel learned about ViSalus, she was hooked.

With 15 years of experience as a personal trainer backed by her master’s thesis work on understanding parental attitudes toward childhood weight issues, Rachel was immediately drawn to The Challenge and Project 10 Kids. She researched the benefits of our product ingredients as well as work by Dr. Michael D. Seidman.

Switching Career Gears

Even with all her education and training, Rachel faced initial obstacles.

“I was working backwards in some ways in the beginning, but 2-Star Ambassador Josh Quade totally changed my perspective,” says Rachel. “He emphasized simplicity, building relationships, and helping others make the connection between their ‘Why’ and The Challenge.”

Rachel focused on that connection and over the next several months, built her business brick by brick. She listened more and led her team by example. 

“Now equity is in sight,” says Rachel, whose next goal is to establish a legacy by acquiring a piece of the company through the Founders’ Equity Incentive Plan.

And when that moment arrives, her Vi Victory will be sweeter than ever because of how far she’s come personally and as an entrepreneur. January was a monumental month for Rachel, but that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Rachel has big plans for 2015 and we’re excited to see her fulfill them! She uses her story as a catalyst to lead into sharing The Challenge, which she firmly believes has the power to transform lives.

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ViSalus, Inc. is a healthy lifestyle company committed to transforming Life, Health and Prosperity around the world by creating meaningful connections, supporting physical transformations, and promoting entrepreneurial freedom. ViSalus offers its products in North America under the ViSalus® brand and in Europe under the Vi™ brand. For more info, visit Vi.com

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