Promoter Spotlight – Fabio Bollini


Promoter Spotlight – Fabio Bollini

2-Star Ambassador, Italy

When Fabio Bollini joined ViSalus just 2 short years ago, he did so with goals that exceeded even his own beliefs, and a passion that would help turn those grand goals into a reality.

Now, nearly $4 million in sales later, having helped over 9,000 Customers and Promoters join Vi in Italy, with 66 Vi Drive car qualifiers, and 5 Ambassadors, the most exciting part is that Fabio feels he is just getting started.

We sat down with Vi’s 2016 MVP in advance of his country’s first NST event to hear more about his inspiring story and vision for the future of Vi team Italia.

Vi: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to discover Vi

Fabio Bollini: I’m not somebody with a business background or degrees from years of school. Quite the opposite. The only job I ever had was as a mover, for 12 years working long hours hauling furniture and boxes around. When my first son was born, something in me changed and I knew I needed to take control of my future. I was 28 years old, looking at my wife Frederica and my son Michael, and knowing it was up to me to give us a better life.

I discovered entrepreneurship and knew I wanted to explore a future where I would have time to spend with my family, and a chance to earn more for my time and effort. I first made the leap into network marketing, which I knew was the right industry for me. The first company I was a part of, however, was not the right company or system for me to have success. After 2 years, even my wife was beginning to question my decision. That’s when I discovered Vi and everything changed.

First and foremost, what I loved about Vi were the products. I’m somebody who has struggled with my weight in the past, and knew that to be at my best it would take the best products. I’m very active and competitive, and Vi products have helped me get in my best shape, losing 42 pounds in just 90 days and keeping it off for 2 years.

Second, I loved that Vi had a customer-centric strategy. I loved that the business model was focused on helping customers achieve their health goals, supporting them, and retaining them. Too many companies use their products as an “excuse” for the compensation plan, and I knew right away that Vi was different.

That was March 2015, and I can’t believe everything we have accomplished in the 2 years since then.

Vi: What were some of the key moments when you look back on your journey now?

Fabio Bollini: I always say that none of my success would have been possible without my team, and I hope every team member knows how much I appreciate them. There are 2 moments that stand out in my mind, with 2 of my Ambassadors who I am honored to also call my friends.

The first, was when I became a National Director on the night of December 31st, 2015. Most people would not pick New Year’s Eve as the best time to make such an accomplishment happen, but thanks to my good friend and partner Max Micheletti, it was possible.

Fabio Bollini with Max Micheletti and Max Giorgi

Fabio Bollini with Max Micheletti and Max Giorgi

We sat down together in a bar to map out a game plan for me to put the pieces together for National Director, and Max to Regional Director. We did not get up from that bar for over 24 hours, working straight through the night so focused we never even thought to take our jackets off. When we were done, I have become a National Director, Max had become a Regional Director and earned his Vi Drive car bonus, and we were on our way.

The second moment happened that same month, meeting Max Giorgi and Michela, at a Customer Party. For anybody who thinks they are too big to attend a Customer Party, let this be a great story to remember. Max was a guest at a party of a Customer on my 8th level, but I met him and instantly formed a connection. He is now an Ambassador in my team, and has been a partner and friend for over a year in my journey.

Vi: How have events been important in your growth?

Fabio Bollini: My National Director run was all about one thing, getting into that ND & Above meeting at the January 2016 Leadership Launch event in London. What I saw and learned in that room gave me the fuel I needed for everything I accomplished in 2016. Because I knew the importance of that event, I was able to get myself where I needed to be to get that information.

That was the event where Blake Mallen launched the Vi Values & ISM’s which have been so important to my team and foundation. Everything we do, we do from the foundation of those principles. We put “Culture in Action” in every presentation, we print them on the seats in every meeting, and I repeat them to my team over and over again.

I feel that our values and ISM’s set Vi apart, and show people who we really are as a community. Plenty of companies will tell you what they sell, or how they pay, that isn’t special or unique; but Vi takes the time to tell you who they are, and I think that is so important for somebody joining our community to do it knowing what we stand for, not just what we sell.

Hitting that rank gave me access to the leadership meeting at the January 2016 Leadership Launch event in London, an event that started.

Vi: You were recently named Vi’s 2016 MVP (Most Valuable Promoter). What did that accomplishment mean to you?

Fabio Bollini: That was such an incredible honor. To mean it really means three things.

Fabio Bollini Vi MVP

Vi’s 2016 MVP – Fabio Bollini

First, that anyone can do anything if you don’t make excuses. I remember watching videos of past winners giving their speeches like Ernest Ross and Tony & Rhonda Lucero, and thinking I was the least likely person to be in that position one day. I have no expertise, I have no influence, I was a former mover without a high education. And I could have let all of that be an excuse, but I went for it anyway.

Second, I felt immense pride. To see my mentor, Nick Sarnicola, so happy for me, giving me the award over video from across the ocean with the entire Vi North America team cheering me on, it was an indescribable feeling of pride.

And finally, it shows me that when you truly DECIDE something, the universe organizes itself to show you the way. It is up to you to make it happen from that point forward, but the path is there if you see it.

Vi: You mention belief as a key part of your journey, but were there times when you had doubt in if you would make it?

Fabio Bollini: This is an interesting question, and a point that I want to make for anybody who wants to achieve their goals. It may sound strange, but you need to lie to yourself. Here is what I mean.

When I started out, I did not know if I could be an Ambassador, I did not know if I would ever be the MVP one day, or throw my own NST in Italy. But I told myself all of those things were going to happen. I lied to myself, in a way, every day, telling myself everything that I would accomplish, even on the days when I didn’t believe it.

And over time, telling myself the same things over and over again, even on the hardest days, those “lies” started to become true. The things I only said to myself were becoming real, because I told myself they would be real even on the days when I didn’t know how.

So that is how you make yourself believe in yourself, just do it by sheer will.

How to make your team believe? For me that is simple also. The only way to lead is by example. If you want your team to achieve new ranks, be the first to go achieve those ranks. If you want your team to have more passion, you must have the most passion in every moment you are with them. If you want the best for them, you as a leader must be the best example.

If you want to create 1,000 stories, start by creating your own.

Vi: You are getting ready to hold Vi’s first NST in Italy. How does it feel to have earned such an event in your country?

Fabio Bollini: 1 year ago, it was just a dream that we could one day have an NST in Italy. But we stayed focused until that dream became a goal, and that goal is now becoming a reality. We want to have 1,000 Italians in that room celebrating an incredible year, and making sure that 2017 is even bigger and better. More cars, more Ambassadors, more customers getting healthy, and more stories all over Italy. This event will be an incredible experience for everybody who is a part of it.

For everybody in Italy, or anybody who knows somebody in Italy, make sure they are a part of this event. If you look at what we have done in the past year, and you want to be a part of what the next year holds, I will see you there!

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