PROJECT 10 Kids: The Journey of 8th Grader Mason Decker


Mason Decker is the 13-year-old member of the 2014 Southwest Group Challenge Champions. He’s an 8th grader in Pflugerville, Texas who loves math, doesn’t love Science, and credits Vi-Shape® shakes for giving him “good energy.”

Mason is also autistic. He started his Challenge journey when he was 12 and weighed 211 lbs. His mother, Penny Brant says, “He’s a perfect example of how ViSalus can help kids.”

She explains, “Many kids like Mason are very picky eaters with poor nutritional habits who thrive on routines. The great tasting Vi-Shape shakes enable them to have a well-balanced delicious meal that is easy to prepare.”

Before ViSalus, Mason’s family felt they couldn’t stop his weight from increasing. It was out of control. Now he walks a minimum of three miles on the treadmill or around the neighborhood every day, and has almost reached his weight-loss goal.

“We are so proud of his accomplishments with ViSalus and thankful to have [these]products in our lives,” says Penny. “It has truly made a positive improvement for his health.”

Mason is continuing to attend Challenge parties with his family and drink his favorite shakes, such as cookies & cream, until he hits his goal. After that, he’ll start a Vi maintenance program.

Mason’s advice for those hesitant to start their own 90-day Challenge is simple: “The shakes taste GOOD!”

Penny concludes, “I could talk for days about the blessings ViSalus has bestowed upon our family. You have made a difference in Mason’s life forever.”

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