Party like a VIP… in South Beach this Labor Day


Labor Day is drawing near and we couldn’t be more excited about the NEON A-List Party in Miami. We sat down with one of the VIP winners who attended our exclusive 4th of July bash in Malibu—none other than Challenge Champion Group winner Marlo Thomas-Payne. She gave us some insight into her method for securing a spot on the guest list and got us pumped up for our next party.

ViSalus: So tell us, how did you make the cut?

Marlo Thomas-Payne: I made it a personal crusade to win the trip to Malibu. My husband and I never had a honeymoon so I instantly envisioned us watching fireworks over the ocean. But winning was truly a team effort. I personally reached out to every Customer, family member and friend, and my team did the same.

Vi: Walk us through the experience of visiting Malibu for the first time.

MTP: We stayed at the Hotel Angeleno in Bel Air overlooking UCLA and the Getty Center’s museum and gardens. We arrived to gifts from the Vi Founders and joined in on a Challenge Group at Temescal Canyon with Vi family and friends the next day. At the end of the hike, everyone enjoyed a huge spread of Vi products and of course there was plenty of NEON Energy Drink to go around.Marlo Thomas-Payne NEON A-List Party

After a little shopping in Malibu it was time to start partying. Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Co-Founder Blake Mallen opened up his gorgeous, Pacific Palisades home to all the VIPs and guests as if we had known him for a lifetime. We took a tour, enjoyed some great food and drinks then headed to Nobu Malibu for the white party.

Vi: Speaking of party, what was it like to be an A-lister?

MTP: Our VIP group was ushered into Nobu past 600+ people waiting to get through the doors. We definitely felt like A-listers walking the red carpet and being escorted to the VIP lounge as cameras flashed all around. The food was incredible, NEON flowed and there were celebrities everywhere!

Vi: What was your biggest takeaway from the NEON A-List Party in Malibu?

MTP: There is not another 4th of July that will compare to the memories created with Vi in Malibu. I have never worked for a company where its founders are so caring, involved and invested in their people. You absolutely must aim for VIP and get yourself a ticket to South Beach for the NEON A-List Party this Labor Day. The win is not just for you, but your whole team. Go after this once-in-a-lifetime experience with all you’ve got.

Now you have some insider info on what it’s like to be VIP and how to get there. According to many Promoters, NEON practically sells itself—so get out there, get qualified and follow the standings at Contest ends Thursday, August 20.

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