NEW! Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Virgin Lemon-Berry Margarita


We’ve updated our classic Virgin Lemon-Berry Margarita recipe – and made it even better! Try out this healthy elixir for Cinco de Mayo festivities or the warm weather ahead. Do we hear a Cinco de Mayo themed Challenge Party!?



  1. Add ice and strawberries to the blender first.
  2. Add water and blend with NEON, NEURO, and Vi-Shape Shake.

TIP: If you add more than the recommended serving of Vi-Shape Shake, be sure you don’t use too much that it takes away the fruity tartness.


  1. Cut the lime and run it around the rim of each margarita glass (or any glass!).
  2. Add a thin layer of stevia onto a plate.
  3. Press the rim of each glass onto the plate to coat with stevia.
  4. Pour the frozen blend into each glass
  5. Garnish with lime wedge and/or a berry.


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