Industry Veterans Steve and Yvette Mitchell Join ViSalus; Focused on Building International Team


Steve Mitchell is known as one of the leading network marketers in the world, with accolades that rank him among the top industry income earners. Joining ViSalus just four months ago in October 2013, Steve along with the support of wife Yvette utilized his industry experience and know-how to achieve the Vi 1-Star Ambassador rank in their first 25 days.

From Pepperoni Beginnings to Entrepreneur Success

Although this Englishman has already achieved a great deal throughout the past 25 years in the industry of relationship marketing, his path to becoming one of Europe’s most successful networkers was not easy. In fact, his story starts at the bottom… quite literally. Steve was completely broke.

About 20 years ago, Steve had owned a thriving chain of successful pizza and pasta restaurants, earning him a fortune—until the market changed, and he lost his pizzerias along with just about everything else.

“I didn’t have a bean left,” says Steve. “In fact, my sister had to lend me the money to join my first networking company. But I held on to two very important things – I had a massive desire to get it all back, and an unwavering commitment to do whatever it took to work hard to rebuild back my fortune.” 

Now, as a long-time successful entrepreneur living in Spain and happily married with children, Steve still upholds these two factors – desire and commitment – as the vital attributes driving everything he does.

“Vi Giant Steps Globally”

And while Steve and Yvette admit they have been ‘courted’ by almost every company in the industry asking them to join, they made the career decision to build a business with Vi – a testament to the opportunity that Vi offers and the company’s global expansion plans.

“Business success depends on timing and taking action,” Steve explains, “and as the Vi giant steps globally, every element of the business is in place. I had spent a year watching the incredible success of Vi in North America – it wasn’t just that they were breaking industry records becoming one of the fastest growing direct-sales companies ever, but it was the huge amount of lives they were positively changing. We just looked on and hoped that one day this ‘giant’ would step beyond North America and come to Europe. That timing happened just last year, and because of that it was a no-brainer decision for us to become Challenge Promoters – we knew we had to be a part of this new chapter of that story.”

PROJECT 10 Challenge – “A stroke of genius”

Steve sees the PROJECT 10 Challenge has the primary way to introduce people to living healthier lifestyles.

“Leading with a simple ‘Challenge’ and asking people to just ‘Challenge the world to lose weight 10 pounds at a time’ is a stroke of genius!” Steve says. “It’s mainstream, simple, fun, viral – it is something anyone can do, naturally! Who doesn’t know at least 3 people who want to lose a few pounds or gain some lean muscle? Everyone! “

How does Steve see the future unfolding with Vi?

“Vi’s success story started in North America, but it will now grow dramatically helping literally millions around the world simply ‘look better and feel better.’ If Yvette and I can play some part in helping to further that story, that is hugely exciting – who would not want to be a part of that?”

“It’s not about being a star; it’s about being a starmaker”

Although their personal goal is to become Diamond Ambassadors by Vitality this year (Sept 2014), their team goal is just as profound. “What matters way beyond any rank we achieve is how many people we can get walking across that stage at Vitality,” he says.

With all that Steve has earned, he is still very quick to turn the light off himself and onto those in his team he works closely with. “The key to this business is not about being a star; it’s about being a ‘star maker’! To reach success in this industry is to focus on one thing – to help others achieve their goals.”

Steve and Yvette are real examples of people who have not only achieved their goals but have found the healthy work-life balance in their day-to-day.

“We have fun, make money, as well as help people look and feel better. We help change people’s lives—that has to be a great way to live life. The Vi Life.”

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