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The Meyer Family

Vicki, Brian and Chase Meyer, California

The Vi Family Challenge is a platform for families who want to live better together, achieving their health goals thanks to Vi products, programs and support.

We are proud to highlight the Meyer family who trained for and completed a full nine-mile course Spartan Super race as a family to collectively celebrate their health.  The Meyer family’s athletic activity was fueled by a full menu mix of Vi meals, drinks, snacks and supplements.

We conducted a brief interview with the Vicki Meyer recently and it’s our honor to present their inspiring story to you!

Tell us about the family’s challenge.

We ran a Spartan Super Race together as a family, which is an obstacle course race about 9 miles long that involves running, lots of hills and obstacles – and our goal was to successfully complete the course collectively as a family.

What makes a Spartan Super Race so challenging?

In a Spartan Super race, there’s a Burpee penalty for every obstacle that you do not complete, so it is more challenging. Secondly, a Spartan race does not include elements such as electrical wires and ice bath like a Tough Mudder does, which can be quite frightening for many. The distance is about the same with enough obstacles to make it physically stimulating, without the fear of being electrocuted.

Who else participated with you, and how big was the team in your group?

It was me, my husband, and my son (who is sixteen) – and we were part of a larger team, with about 10 to 12 of us running as a group.

How did you do in the race?

We did very well and I can’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together.
Prior to the race, we trained twice a week as a group, plus we did a few more separate trainings outside of that. My biggest goal in going into the race was different to my husband’s and my son’s. I’m 52, and my fundamental goal was simply to finish the race, which I did. I also wanted to lose 10 pounds, which I almost achieved and I also added some muscle tone.
My sixteen-year-old son just wanted to do it because it seemed like a fun athletic thing to do, we were glad he wanted to partner up with us and make it a family affair.
My husband, on the other hand, really just wanted to build some muscle, which he did. He was thin at the beginning of the challenge, but was able to add some tone and drop some body fat to get in even better shape for the rigorous course.

How do you describe your overall experience?

Overall, it was a fun family thing for us to do together. It was particularly really cool because it’s often hard to find common grounds with your teenager – and to have that was incredibly beautiful.
We all want to be healthy and fit, and it’s very important to me to set an example to my son, and this whole process certainly helped us in that regards.

On an emotional level, what would you say were some of the key achievements as a family?

Personally, I had a fear of not finishing the race considering there were elements such as climbing over walls. Also, I had really struggled with one obstacle in a previous race, so I was unsure going into it. But finishing the race successfully with my family cheering while I did it, was quite emotional.
My family was screaming at the finish line that they’re ‘so proud of me’, which was very huge and it’s something I won’t forget. Three of us crossing that line as a family was a sensational feeling.
The reward you get when you do things that you don’t believe your body can do is significant, and the sense of satisfaction is a terrific feeling.

How did Vi Products play a role in your challenge?

We live by Vi products, so all throughout our training we were enjoying shakes, cereal, and healthy snacks from Vi to keep our nutrition right.
On the morning of the race, we added Vi Shape to our oatmel for some extra protein, and I put PRO in my camel pack to stay hydrated throughout the race. I also had 2 GO shots, one before the race, and one in the middle, to keep my energy up, along with a mid race Nutra Bar for extra fuel.
Quite literally, I couldn’t have done it without the Vi products.

How are you using Vi products to maintain your results?

I use Go shots everyday before I workout and a PRO drink everyday during my workout. It has become a part of my daily routine now.

Lastly, what’s your family’s next goal?

No joke, we’re actually doing another race tomorrow – so I’m pretty pumped for that. My husband and my son both want to do a Trifecta, which is 3 Spartan races with 3 different levels to complete within a calendar year. That’s their goal. Mine is simply losing 10 pounds and 5% body fat right now.


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