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ViSalus is at it again! Yesterday a group five individuals from Lafayette, Tennessee were featured in the Macon County Times for their astounding weight loss success thanks to the help of ViSalus and the Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix. Each individual, 4 women and one man, had their own goals and reasons for joining the 90-Day Challenge. With the support of each other and the ViSalus community, they not only accomplished their goals, but blew them out of the water!

Eric Rose was the biggest loser- or in this case- winner of the group. He currently has lost 282 pounds and counting! Not only has he lost an incredible amount of weight, but his overall life has changed dramatically for the better. Rose shared with the Macon County Times that before joining the Challenge, “I weighed over 600 pounds, so I couldn’t really move. I had diabetes, high blood pressure, nose bleeds…I always felt sick.” After only 10 days of using the product he was able to leave the house- something he hadn’t been able to do prior- and after the completion of his first 90-Day Challenge he had lost 50 pounds. Eric has now been on a number of 90-Day Challenges and the results continue to improve his life while inspiring millions.

Eric’s wife, Carrie, has thus far lost 118 pounds and got an extra bonus on top of the weight loss. Before the Challenge she suffered from PCOS and Hypothyroidism which doctors claimed would not only make it difficult for her to lose weight, but would make her unable to have any more children. One hundred and eighteen pounds later, Carrie received the news that she is pregnant. the shake mix didn’t just improve her life from a health and nutrition standpoint, but it gave her back the gift of having children.

Not only are these people losing weight, but according to Carrie, they love the taste of the products as well Carrie exclaimed, “They taste like the milkshake you could get from Sonic, or better. Megan’s step-dad actually switched to them instead of Sonic because he liked the taste better, and he lost 25 lbs. without even trying. My mom and dad have lost 130 lbs. between them, and they’ve come off a lot of medications.”

Megan Rose, one of the five Lafayette friends, joined the Challenge to support her husband Eric and has lost 26 pounds since her introduction to ViSalus. Megan not only credits the product, but the support she receives for her success when she exclaimed, “The support system in this team and program is crazy. If you’re having a day when you just really want to cheat, you can just call them up, and say ‘talk me down, I’m about to eat this bowl of ice-cream! It’s like a push-up bra,” Rose explained. “All the support you need.”

Kara Rose, Eric’s sister, has lost 62 pounds with the help of ViSalus. Not only that, but she credits the product with helping her through some extremely tough times. Kara explained to the Times, “I went through a lot of emotional stuff in one year, and the program helped me get through it. My dad passing was actually the hardest for me.” It’s amazing how feeling better about yourself can even improve unrelated difficult times.

Jamie Green, the fifth of the five Lafayette friends, has lost 97 pounds and gained her confidence back. Just as Megan did, Jamie praised the ViSalus support system- only this time she meant the community members she didn’t even know. Jamie shared how, “We call it the Vi Family—the people we met in St. Louis, we’d never met before, they just treated us like we were their cousin.”

Clearly the weight loss results are there, but what is just as incredible are the additional benefits that people are experiencing through the use of ViSalus products. To read more about this amazing and inspiring story, head on over to the Macon County Times and get the full story.

All images courtesy of the Macon County Times.

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