Jennifer Snell Slims Down to Svelte on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss


Jennifer Snell, a personal coach from of Lovell, Wyoming, just underwent the transformation of her life. She spent the last year working one to one with Chris and Heidi Powell and was featured on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. At 42, Jennifer had spent her life eating away the personal guilt she felt over her younger brother’s death and absent father. From weekends spent eating boxes of doughnuts to regularly skipping a healthy breakfast, Jennifer didn’t have the tools in place to get her diet on track.

“I turned to the only thing that was acceptable and that was food,” says Jennifer.ABC's Extreme Weight Loss Features Jennifer Snell

She said goodbye to her family for three months and worked hard not only to lose weight, but also begin to shed the guilt she’d felt for decades. Jennifer stepped on the scale at 342 lbs. to start and slimmed down to 264 lbs. Over the next 90 days she returned home and pounded the pavement, lifted weights and meal prepped until she dropped 43 more lbs. and was down to 221 lbs. Her final numbers? Jennifer lost a total of 160 lbs. and brought her weight down to 182 lbs.

Chris and Heidi put Jennifer on a 1,750-calorie/day diet where she ate five meals a day. In April 2015 she started with Vi and disciplined herself to drinking two Vi-Shape® Shakes a day with a combination of regular exercise to shave off her last 30 lbs. She continues with Vi-Shape to help maintain her weight-loss. Jennifer also loves NEON Energy Drink® and typically drinks a NEON for a pre-workout pick-me-up.

“ViSalus has not only helped me lose stubborn weight, but has helped me maintain,” says Jennifer, adding, “I finally have my life back. I can look in the mirror now for the first time in my life and love who I see—not because I lost weight, but because I see me.”

The 100-lb. Club recognizes Vi Customers and Promoters who achieve this remarkable milestone. However, relatively few persons can or should lose this amount of weight and Vi only supports this goal when it is the product of careful consideration and a responsible weight-loss program that includes exercise and healthy eating in conjunction with the tools and products offered by Vi. Persons aspiring to lose 100 lbs. or more should always consult first with their healthcare professionals.

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