Here to Inspire: A Chat with Vi Model Jamie Ambler


Becoming a Challenge Champion is about more than getting healthy and looking good on stage. Much more. Behind every Champion title is a story of desire, humanity, struggle and milestones. But more than anything else, there’s grit.

Which is why we can’t get enough of Jamie Ambler. At 53, she went from pharma rep to figure competitor and trainer. Now an accomplished 2015 Vi Model, she’s inspiring women everywhere! In between sessions, Jamie shared some of her thoughts with us.

On becoming a Vi Model…

“I don’t consider myself a model, but I was very honored to be chosen first as a Regional Champion. When I was backstage getting ready, I thought about all the work I put in and the dedication that I had [throughout my 90-Day Challenge]. I thought about all the people that believed in me and voted for me. So I walked on…”

On inspiring others…

“I want to inspire women, specifically over the age of 40 to have confidence. To feel sexy. To feel great about themselves. To walk around with a smile and be able to put on a pair of shorts or workout pants and feel confident.”

“Maybe there’s a woman out there who doesn’t necessarily want to be a Vi model, but she still wants to feel good about herself… It’s important to have some kind of goal, something to aspire to. I want to use the Vi model platform to inspire women to achieve something bigger than themselves.”


On Challenge Groups…

“Challenge Groups are a great way for people to get together… and go do something fun. My Challenge Group goes hiking on Saturday mornings. We do some sprinting on this little hill. And we’ll do a 30-minute Sprint Challenge where we’ll run up the hill for a minute, and then down the hill for a minute. We’ll do it 10 times.”

On Vi Products…

“I love the [Vi-Shape shake]. It’s filling and it tastes delicious. I make protein pancakes with it… they are the bomb! I make my shakes with apples, with bananas and cinnamon, with some berries. I make them hundreds of different ways. It’s so easy!”

“I’m ecstatic about the Peanut Butter and Jelly Nutra-Bars! Amazing. The Chocolate Caramel is really good, too. I like the fact that they have 8 grams of fiber, 8 grams of protein… and there’s no wheat or gluten! Whether you wanna build muscle or lose weight, you need the right micro-nutrients, and Vi offers that.”

On her team…

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my team. It’s very important to me that my leaders work with me and keep me accountable… and help me achieve my goals. I’m ready to be a Vi Ambassador now!”

On Vi Events…

“I worked 20 years in corporate America and now I’m working in the field I feel most passionate about: Nutrition and fitness.”

“Going to a national Vi event reinforces everything! [Events] give you belief in your company, belief in the leaders, belief in the mission, and belief in the products. It’s all about believing and learning something new… That’ll inspire you!”


You inspire us, Jamie.


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