How to Develop a Champion Mindset…Every Morning


Thinking is a habit. And just like any habit, you can change it. In fact, many of us probably should. As noted in Women’s Health Magazine, 80 percent of our thoughts are negative. That’s a lot of negativity swimming in our heads and impacting not only our self-image but our actions. Our goals. Anybody who has taken on The Challenge has set a 90-Day goal and selected a Challenge kit. But to achieve that goal, it will take a positive mindset—the mindset of a Champion, in fact.

The key to end a bad habit is simply to begin a good one. It takes practice and dedication. Consistency. Think of it as a daily (and deliberate!) dose of positivity. The following are 5 simple yet profound statements you can tell yourself every morning to begin building a Champion mindset.

1.      My WHY is __(fill in the blank)____.

Your WHY is the “because” in your goal statement. For example: “My goal is to lose 18 pounds in 90 days because I want to fit in the seat of a rollercoaster and ride with my son.” Or: “I want to lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of lean muscle because I want to show off my figure at the high school reunion.” Always remind yourself of your WHY. It’s the meaning behind your goal; it keeps you focused. And if you don’t continually say it, you just might forget it.

2.       I am challenging myself to change myself.

When you challenge yourself—or others—to achieve a goal, change will occur. This is good change. But like any change, there might be peaks, valleys and bumps throughout the journey. Expect them. See them not as obstacles to fear, but rather as opportunities to grow. If you did not change at all after completing your PROJECT 10 Challenge, then you did not truly challenge yourself. So, use the next 90 days to make sure you do.

3.       Instead of “I wish,” say “I will.”

There can be a lot of power in one word. To wish something is to see it merely as a hypothetical. And hypotheticals typically remain only ideas. But to will something is to define your purpose, your plan… and your goal. Champions always reach their goal, and not because they dreamed it.

4.       Because I deserve this.

For some of you, this is a difficult sentence to say, as you think it sounds selfish or narcissistic. Quite the contrary. You DO deserve better health. You do deserve to feel better or to not be winded climbing the stairs. You deserve physical transformation. And your family and friends do too. It all goes back to your WHY. At the end of those 90 days, you deserve the physical rewards… because you earned them.

5.       I will do my best today, and then do better tomorrow.

During your transformation journey, it’s easy to become frustrated or overwhelmed with the little things. For example, you didn’t have time to work out, or you splurged during your vacation. Or, maybe the idea of losing a lot of weight seems impossible or too much work. We understand this; it’s why we made the Challenge kits convenient, fun, delicious and so simple. Part of doing your best today means drinking your Vi-Shape® Shakes and/or Vi Crunch consistently. Doing better tomorrow might mean adding in a 30-minute walk. The point is to improve each day.

It really is amazing how important your thoughts influence the way you see yourself—and your ability to become healthier. The first step in changing a bad habit is to become aware of it. So during your Challenge journey, every time you feel discouraged or fearful or uninspired, recognize that as a negative thought. And then flip it. Over time, as you develop the habit of positively talking to yourself, you’ll think your way to becoming a Champion… however that looks like.

In the meantime, read and vote for the stories of people who plan to become Challenge Champions. And then enter to become one.

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach 

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