How one Woman Tackles Fitness Goals—Lady Boss Style


She’s pulled a truck, a 21,000-lb. plane and now Faith Clarke Simms has qualified to compete in the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion competition in the Transformation Division in Toronto next year. Is there nothing this woman can’t achieve? We sat down with Faith for an in-depth look at how Vi and The Challenge have changed her life.

ViSalus: Tell us about life before The Challenge.

Faith Clarke Simms: Before The Challenge I was 350+ lbs. at 71% body fat. I was bed ridden for a short time. That was a huge wake up call for me. I didn’t want my kids growing up with their mother confined to one room.

Vi: What was the ‘aha’ moment for you when it came to incorporating Vi products and The Challenge into your life?

FCS: I tried so many other shakes and diet plans before Vi. I felt completely lost and hopeless. Nothing worked for me, so naturally I was afraid of failure and stayed stuck for a long time as a result. But I finally overcame my fear and accepted The Challenge. I started on the Transformation Kit for maximum weight-loss support.

Now I’m on the Fuel Kit and additionally incorporate Vi-Slim, ViSalus GO, ViSalus PRO, NEON Energy Drink and our new Nutra-Bars when snacking. I developed a maintenance exercise regimen and flex to match new fitness goals. I weight train for 90 minutes, three to four times weekly and fold in an hour of cardio three to four times a week.

Vi: For you, what are the biggest benefits to promoting Vi and The Challenge?

FCS: The Challenge is simple, effective and long lasting—I have never looked back! We were a one-income family with my husband out of work at the time I started promoting Vi. Not only did I need a health miracle, I also needed a financial door to open.

Vi and The Challenge are different from every other product or plan I have tried. Vi products taste great and pack nutrition, are affordable and The Challenge comes with a huge support system of people who make me feel like I can achieve my goals.

Vi: What is the ‘Why’ that keeps you motivated?

FCS: It’s knowing that if I were to give up, I could be back at the bottom of the deep, dark pit that was my life prior to Vi. Before The Challenge, I felt like there was nothing left for me to try. I experienced so many false starts with other products and programs. I didn’t believe change was possible at that time. I can’t go back to that place—that’s why I stay focused on my fitness goals.

Of course my children and husband are big motivators as well. They deserve a happy, healthy mom and wife who is capable of participating in their lives.

Vi: Tell us about your fitness studio.Faith Clarke Simms Weight-Loss

FCS: Promoting Vi and The Challenge allowed me to leave my 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. job with a two-hour total commute and run my own fitness studio. I introduce every person who comes through the door for a workout assessment to The Challenge. I sample Vi-Shape Shakes, Nutra-Cookies and NEON, and show newcomers my 100-lb. Club plaque and Regional Champion medal plus my before-and-after photos. It’s not long before they join The Challenge. Finally I can show people something that works long term.

Vi: How has The Challenge changed your life?

FCS: The Challenge has truly transformed my body and life. I have lost a total of 151 lbs. I am active and participating in activities I never dreamed of four years ago when I was fighting to get out of bed.

Financially, Vi has allowed me to pursue my passion—running my fitness studio and helping others achieve health, wellness and fitness goals.

Vi: What advice can you offer Promoters and Customers new to Vi?

FCS: Stay the course and plug into the community. Choose the Kit that matches your goals and never, never give up. You will find that sometimes you fall flat on your face, maybe even gain a few pounds—life is not perfect. Sometimes you just have to get up, brush yourself off, connect with members of the Vi Community and hit the ‘reset’ button.

We’re so grateful to Faith and everything she contributes to the 100-lb. Club and Vi Community—and we can’t wait to see her break records with future fitness and beauty goals. Feeling inspired? There’s no time like the present to get moving. Check out our three top tips to kickstart your next Challenge.

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