How ND Julie Craven ‘Metab-Awakened’ her Life


Vi National Director Julie Craven could not have predicted how far her personal weight-loss journey would reach. Since starting out as a Vi Customer in September 2013 then becoming a Promoter almost immediately the following month, Julie has impacted dozens of people seeking to lose weight and build lean muscle. She’s also developed an incredible team of strong women with the help of upline Ambassador Jeanette Farrar.

“All I did was follow the plan and work hard. I am honest and passionate. I am determined and care about helping others,” says Julie. “It’s rewarding to help women feel good about themselves.”

Julie previously spent nine years in the beauty industry as a nail technician and ultimately owner of three salons. She understood the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. With Vi, everything changed. Her transformation started from the inside, out. Now Julie manages a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet that includes Vi-Shape®, Vi-Trim®, Metab-Awake® and more.

So far Julie’s dropped just over one stone (16 lbs. and counting!). Not only has Julie exchanged excess weight for confidence, she’s also been able to support her family financially.

“It’s the Prosperity piece of the puzzle,” says Julie, adding, “And it means everything. I never thought I’d be driving a BMW and contributing to our family’s wealth in this way.”

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