Go Big or Go Home: How Jonathan Robinson Lost Over 200 lbs.*


For Weight-Loss Male Challenge Champion Jonathan Robinson, choosing The Challenge wasn’t an option—it was the difference between enduring health problems and quality of life.

The Wakeup Call

“At 25 years old, I was at my heaviest at 506 lbs. and that was my wakeup call,” says Jonathan, adding, “Now, 201 lbs. lost over multiple Challenges, I have my life back. I have goals and a future.”

An old high school friend who Jonathan played football with introduced him to Vi and The Challenge.

“I feared I wasn’t going to see 30 because of my unhealthy lifestyle. I’d spent years being reckless with food and alcohol,” says Jonathan. “Something had to change and fast.”

The Regimen

Jonathan immediately adjusted his diet. He chose  healthier options like lean meats, leafy greens and brown rice plus nutritious Vi meals, drinks and snacks.

“I eat Vi-Shape in my oatmeal at breakfast,” says Jonathan, “And snack on Vi Crunch or Fiesta Nut Vi Bites with raw broccoli, cauliflower and hummus. I always end my day with a Vi-Shape Shake.”

Exercise, of course, was another piece of the puzzle. Jonathan started out weight training three times a week. His combined healthy diet and fitness routine led him to lose 104 lbs. over multiple Challenges. The biggest change? Jonathan felt energized and excited about his life again.

Jonathan Robinson Challenge Champion

The Title

In 2014 Jonathan went out for the Challenge Champion title, but didn’t make it as a Regional Champion. He didn’t let that stop him. Jonathan committed to a strict diet, hit the gym and increased the intensity of his workouts through cross fit training. By National Success Training (NST) 2015 he had lost an incredible total of 201 lbs. over multiple Challenges. His next goal was to enter to win at Vitality 2015.

Win he did, to his own shock and delight.

“I heard my name being called, looked around and the room went silent, but I could see that people were cheering,” says Jonathan. “The emotion I felt over losing the weight, changing my life—it all came out in one huge scream as I claimed the title. Being on stage was one of the greatest moments of my life because it meant all the work had been worth it. Now I’m an example to others that big change is possible.”

Jonathan’s already working on his next goal. He wants to lose another 100 lbs. and pack on 50 lbs. of lean muscle in preparation for a physique contest.

“My goals have to be big,” says Jonathan, adding, “That way I never get to the point where I lose direction. It’s taken me two years to turn my life around and I couldn’t be happier about what the future holds. It’s great to feel that fire I felt during my teenage years all over again.”

*Results not typical. Challenge participants shall consider personal circumstances and create reasonable and achievable goals. Vi does not recommend or promote weight-loss goals of more than 2 to 3 lbs. lost per week. Please consult your healthcare provider before starting any weight-loss program, especially if you have any preexisting medical conditions. 

The 100-lb. Club recognizes Vi Customers and Promoters who achieve this remarkable milestone. However, relatively few persons can or should lose this amount of weight and Vi only supports this goal when it is the product of careful consideration and a responsible weight-loss program that includes exercise and healthy eating in conjunction with the tools and products offered by Vi. Persons aspiring to lose 100 lbs. or more should always consult first with their healthcare professionals.

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