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Let’s face it. Beach season is right around the corner. That means it’s time to tighten your belt and up your level of physical activity. Vi products are, of course, a great place to start when creating a meal plan designed to get you in top shape for the summer. We’ve rounded up the best of Vi plus additional foods that will help you feel the burn. Work the following foods and supplements into your diet and you’re sure to see results.


Power your day with Vi-Shape, a protein and fiber packed meal supplement designed to help improve muscle and overall performance, curb hunger and cravings, burn fat and more. Vi-Shape is the foundation of every Challenge Kit and rightly so—weight-loss and fitness start with balanced nutrition, and that is exactly what Vi-Shape provides. Try some of our favorite recipe varieties and have some fun!


Take one tablet daily to help boost your metabolism. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, Vi-Slim helps support the body’s fat-burning process and may help promote lean muscle mass. This supplement is made with a blend of herbs, cocoa extract and chromium, the latter of which helps metabolize carbohydrates, reduce food cravings, stabilize blood sugar and regulate fat and cholesterol.


Count ‘em… eating about 23 raw, unsalted almonds a day (160 calories) is an easy way to integrate crucial nutrients like vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium into your diet. Vi Crunch® includes almond slices, which add natural protein and fiber to this kick-butt breakfast cereal. Almonds are great because they taste good and keep you feeling satisfied so you don’t have the urge to overeat.


Grab a grapefruit! Grapefruits come in several varieties: white (blonde), pink or ruby, and are loaded with a powerful antioxidant—vitamin C. Whether you start your day with a glass of grapefruit juice or toss sections into a spring salad, the vitamin C lift helps support the immune system, prevents free radical damage and boosts metabolism. This tart and tangy fruit will keep you full and hydrated.

Wild Salmon

Eat wild seafood just twice weekly to help promote cardiovascular health and give you more energy. Wild salmon in particular is a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids, which carry anti-inflammatory properties and are instrumental in building cell membranes in the brain. Our bodies do not naturally produce omega-3 fats, so we must get them through food or supplements. Wild salmon also contains essential amino acids; vitamins A, D, B, B6 and E; calcium; iron; zinc and more.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time—with these nutrient loaded foods and supplements, you’re set for a summer full of Life, Health and Prosperity. We can’t wait to publish your success stories and see your beach bodies on proud display all summer long.

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