From Post Surgery to Post Victory: Ruby Guardia’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge


Competing in a fitness competition after having knee surgery probably wouldn’t cross many people’s minds. Ruby Guardia isn’t “most people.”

Eight weeks after undergoing surgery to treat a serious knee injury, Ruby decided to compete in her very first NPC Bikini competition. It was something she had always wanted to do… but never had fully committed to doing.

The idea of the Body by Vi Challenge had inspired her. So she picked a contest that coincided with her 90-day goal, and challenged herself.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was definitely doable,” Ruby said.

Double Victory

Ruby proved it was more than just doable. She lost 13 lbs., won 8th place at the NPC Gold Coast and ultimately became a Body by Vi Challenge Fitness Champion.

“I have never seen such an improvement in my physique as I have within the last 90 days,” she said.

Ruby credits for helping her stay focused and offering great support, adding, “The Challenge Timeline helped hold me accountable, and it was a great place for me to look back and see my results.”

Look at the Big Picture

Sometimes it’s about not sweating the small stuff.

“The important thing is to look at The Challenge overall—you’re changing your life and you’re going to be healthier regardless,” Ruby explained. “So don’t get overwhelmed if one week, you step on the scale and you’re 2 lbs. heavier. Don’t let the small things discourage you.”

And whether or not you consider knee surgery a small thing, Ruby showed that she certainly didn’t let it get in the way of her Challenge goal. In fact, it was sheer determination that let her walk the road to recovery… one victory at a time.

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