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“I have been overweight my entire life,” says Richelle Hull Nicholls when we sit down to chat about her weight-loss journey with ViSalus and her new lease on life. Check out our in-depth interview with Richelle below and learn how she became a member of the 100-lb. Club. You can guess where she got her start—The Challenge.

ViSalus: What was the turning point—the point when you realized something had to change regarding your health?

Richelle Hull Nicholls: I turned 40 and went through a divorce. It was the first time in my life I had to face myself. I had to really look at myself and make a decision as to what direction I wanted to go—with my life, with my career, with my health. I started worrying about what the future would hold in a way I hadn’t in my 20s and 30s. It was like all of a sudden time was speeding up and I’d lost control over my weight. Working in retail, I’d see people using motorized carts to get around the mall. Some of these people were around my age and my size or larger. I didn’t want that to be me one day.

Vi: Tell us about the changes you started to make. How did The Challenge come into play?

RHN: I finally worked up the courage to attend a Challenge Party in November 2013. My whole perspective shifted. Richelle Hull Nicholls Weight-LossI had always hoped for something—a system, a program, a diet—that would be easy to follow, but that I could trust would also be nutritious. At that Challenge Party I realized what I was looking at was not a passing diet plan or fad. It was a lifestyle. And that was something I could embrace.

I started on the Shape Kit and drank two Vi-Shape Shakes a day. I also started snacking smarter. Some of my favorite snacks at that time were raw almonds and raspberries. Due to lower back and knee problems, my workouts were low impact. I did stair work and light walking at first. But by the end of summer I had completed eight, 5Ks!

Vi: What was the one thing that kept you centered while on your weight-loss journey? 

RHN: Hands down, Project 10 Kids. I love that Vi not only supports my Challenge goals, but gives back to children in need for every 10 lbs. I lose or build. I was teased as a kid and into my adult life because of my weight. I also lost my nephew to bullying in 2012. I don’t want another child to have to endure that. Project 10 Kids is a win-win—I can lose weight and help a child in need in my nephew’s honor.

Vi: What are some of your favorite Vi products and Vi-Shape recipes?

RHN: It’s so hard to choose! I build my whole eating plan around Vi-Shape and try to incorporate as many nutritious meals and snacks into my day as possible. I use a lot of spinach and banana in my Vi-Shape Shakes. Sometimes I even add ViSalus NEURO Raspberry Boost for an energy kick.

Some of my favorite Vi recipes come from I’ve really enjoyed the Coconut-Kale Vi-Shape Shake, which has a slightly tart taste and even the Turmeric Infused Vi-Shape Shake, which was a totally new approach for me, but really delicious. I’ve also used Vi Bites in my summer salads. Creativity in the kitchen is key.

Vi: So tell us, how much weight have you lost now?

RHN: I’ve lost exactly 100 lbs. over multiple Challenges—and I feel fantastic!

Richelle’s built a healthy lifestyle using The Challenge platform as a springboard. The future never looked so bright

“If I can do this, anyone can,” says Richelle with confidence. “Anything is possible as long as you have the right tools, training and support in place—and that is what the Vi Community is all about. Before Vi I watched life pass me by. Now I’m living the Vi Life.”

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