From Bullied to Brave: It’s Only the Beginning for PROJECT 10 Kid J’Nyla English


Thirteen isn’t an easy age for any girl. It’s transitional. You want to be yourself. You want to be noticed. You love him! You want to be like your friends. You want to be invisible. You hate him.

Then you meet a girl from Savannah, Georgia named J’Nyla English. Newly 13, she seems confident, she’s compassionate. She is articulate beyond her years. Maybe it’s her super cool name? She makes you second-guess your own adolescent experience. Until you hear about hers.

“At school, someone taped a note on my back that said, I’M FAT & I’M STUPID!” J’Nyla says. What made her experience worse: learning that the bully was her own cousin. “It made me feel really sad that he did that to me, just to get a cheap laugh.”

A 13-year-old who thanks her mom?

J’Nyla is a PROJECT 10 Kid. At this young age, she’s learned way too early how to stick up for herself. Your heart hurts hearing about the times she’s had to. But J’Nyla’s resilient. She’s the first to say it was her idea to make some life changes.

Instead of sugary breakfast treats, J’Nyla now wakes up and makes her favorite banana Vi-Shape® Shake. She even reminds her mom, Vi Promoter Samantha English, to blend up her own shake. J’Nyla’s learning about nutrition through a 12-week program called COPE – Childhood Obesity Prevention and Education – founded by ViSalus Promoter and certified LEAN health coach Sandy Baker.

COPE is able to support its educational efforts with better nutrition thanks to PROJECT 10 Kids. They work to combat childhood obesity through a threefold approach of nutritional education, fitness and behavioral health.

J’Nyla says, “I begged my mom to let me do this boot camp and she finally said I could… I have to thank her because it’s made me so happy and healthy.” When we comment on her beautiful smile, she says, “it’s [another]gift from my mom!”

They don’t laugh anymore

J’Nyla says she isn’t on a diet. She hates those. But she’ll tell you she’s “dropping lots of inches” thanks to her new “healthy lifestyle” and “delicious Vi shakes.” She isn’t sluggish any longer and loves using her new energy for running faster, kicking the soccer ball and Zumba dancing.

She tells us (only after we ask) that she’s encouraging other kids to get healthier, too. She introduces her friends to the shakes. She even mentions encouraging a cousin, but we didn’t ask which cousin.

We did ask if the kids at school have noticed how energetic she is lately. J’Nyla smiles sheepishly and says they don’t laugh anymore. “Nobody’s calling me any names this year. Which means they notice, they just haven’t said anything yet.”

When you lose (or build!) 10 lbs., you’re helping PROECT 10 Kids like J’Nyla English. Learn more at


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