Five Challenge Champions Celebrate Vi Victory 110 lbs. Lighter


For the women of Team Bring the Heat in South Florida, life before The Challenge was stressful, unfulfilling and full of excuses. Days blurred together, many of which were long, tedious and tiring. But five women changed all that when they—friends who became teammates—united under a common goal to get fit and have fun.

Led by Ginger Jonas, the women rallied around the idea of working as a team to achieve their personal fitness and financial goals. Rather than work alone, Ginger, Tunisia Scott, Elicia Bennett, Danisha Rolle and Kia Edwards all made a commitment to one another.

“The best thing about The Challenge was the support,” says Kia.

Team Bring the Heat

From the beginning the women knew community would play an important factor, not just the support they instantly gained from the Vi Community, but from one another as well. They called themselves Team Bring the Heat because of their shared love of The Miami Heat basketball team of Miami, Florida.

“Collectively we lost a total of 110 lbs,” says Ginger. The women promised to spur each other on and hold one another accountable for overcoming the obstacles that stood in their way. For one woman it was a 10-hour workday, for another it was raising three kids, for another it was having failed P.E. in high school. Whatever the hurdle, these women found a way to look beyond the obstacles to the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Challenge brought that light 90 days later. Tunisia, Ginger, Elicia, Danisha and Kia all felt something special bubble up inside–success, joy, personal growth, energy and of course weight-loss. It was undeniable how much The Challenge transformed each of the women.

Team Bring the Heat2

“I had a dream. In that dream we were on stage, the five of us together, and we won,” says Tunisia. That dream became a reality just weeks later when the women took the stage at Vitality 2014. Lights flashed, music blared and emotions ran high as one by one, Team Bring the Heat members excitedly crossed the stage to claim Vi Victory.

“It was so surreal being on stage in front of thousands as the new Challenge Champions,” says Elicia. “How exciting to win $5,000 for reaching a weight-loss goal with friends.” The women hugged, gathered for photos and smiled with the knowledge that success was theirs all along because they started and finished as a team.

“It’s my children who keep me motivated,” says Danisha. “I just completed my first half marathon and it feels so good. The support we had helped us be consistent and make lifestyle changes.” Each woman is healthier and happier than they’ve ever been. From cooking healthy meals at home to establishing new friendships, Team Bring the Heat has come full circle and the women are enjoying all the accolades.

Watch them share their story!

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