Fitness Icon Monica Brant: Challenging Others through Health and Fitness


Monica Brant picVi Regional Director Monica Brant, legendary fitness icon who has appeared on the cover of over a hundred fitness and lifestyle magazines, is no stranger to challenges.

As a 2010 and 2013 WBFF World Pro Figure Champion, a 1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion and a USATF Master’s 100-, 200- and 400-meter athlete, Monica was born with a competitive streak that drives her to seek one challenge after another.

So when she was approached by her good friend, longtime competitor and Vi’s 5-Star Ambassador, Jenny Lynn Travis, her initial thought was naturally, “Why do I need this to challenge myself?”

The Turning Point: From a Challenge to a Cause

It wasn’t until Monica and her husband, Brad Jewett, learned more about the Vi mission of Taking Weight Off the World and helping PROJECT 10 Kids that they began to seriously consider becoming Promoters. “I was interested in how they [Vi] want to give back to those in need and the children,” she said.

Once Monica and Brad met with ViSalus Co-Founder and CMO Blake Mallen, they gained a deeper understanding of the Vi vision of impacting Life, Health and Prosperity. 

Vi’s mission and vision aligned with Monica’s ‘Why’ for becoming a Promoter: to help others. “The same goal I started with is the same goal I’m going to finish with,” she said. “It’s really just about blessing other people’s lives through health and fitness, and if there’s a way to bless people financially, then I’m excited about that. It’s a very simple goal”—one that has already led her and Brad to become Regional Directors since they joined Vi in November 2013.

Monica on Athleticism and Fitness

When asked if she’s always been athletic, Monica emphatically answered, “YES. I’m a competitive person so I’ve always competed in something since I was a kid.” It’s this passion that has resulted in a 23-year career of fitness and figure competitions. “I like to feel strong, fit, athletic, limber—all those things.”

And whether it’s her genuine love for staying active, or her desire to continuously challenge herself, Monica approaches fitness as a lifestyle. Sound familiar?

“You can’t just be an athlete for a competition, you have to be an athlete year round,” Monica explained. “So many people will be like, ‘Oh, let me get ready for a show just so I can be in shape.’ But then the rest of the time, they don’t do anything. Their bodies rebound and they have issues. It’s because it’s not a lifestyle to them.”

Monica’s Challenge: Losing 10 lbs. and Finding Balance

Her first Challenge, which she started in January, is to lose 10 lbs. and get back in shape competitively. Soon after Monica retired from the WBFF competition in August 2013, she was reintroduced to competitive track meets.

“I never got to finish my track aspirations when I was a high school athlete,” Monica said. She kept her sprinting up over the years, and is now training and working with different coaches. She is now entering her third year at the World’s Masters Track meet.

Beyond that, Monica’s other Challenge is balancing Vi with her personal endeavors and F.E.M. Camp—a three-day fitness camp she created with her business partner, Lynda Thoresen, for women of all shapes and sizes.

“I always want to be supportive of everyone that I’m helping, so it’s a little bit of a different path right now. I’m trying to find a balance for everything,” she explained.

Expanding Her Ability to Help Others through Vi

“With Vi, I feel like I have an opportunity to reach more people than what I was able to reach and offer on my own,” Monica said. “I’ve had a lot of past friends reach out to me, and different people that have followed my career for a long time and said, ‘I think this Challenge is for me’… They have never asked me for help until now. Now, they see what I’m doing, and they see that it’s something they can do.”

Advice on Achieving Success and Overcoming Setbacks

As someone who pushes herself to the limits, Monica’s advice to others who think that something is beyond their reach or are afraid to committing to a goal is to “get out of their comfort zone. So many people will try something new and realize it’s something they want to do again. They’ll be surprised with themselves. People don’t give themselves enough credit most of the time.”

And when it comes to overcoming setbacks, Monica said, “People have to be realistic—life happens. Those bumps in the road happen and you have to cut back on some things, and build up on some things.”

“You have to take steps and set small goals,” she continued. “That’s what’s so cool about PROJECT 10. You can set a small goal and have success, and you don’t have a failure mindset when you’re not reaching it. All you have to do is think about 10 lbs. I really think that’s a very genius idea, and what I’ve always tried to encourage anyone that I’ve ever worked with. Just take it day by day and have small goals so that you’re not overwhelmed.”

And while Monica has made huge strides in the world of fitness, it’s that day-by-day mentality and lifestyle of continuously challenging herself that has brought her so much success. Now as a Vi Promoter, she is determined to help others achieve success by Challenging them through health and fitness.

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