Fit, HIIT & Winning: Matthew Adams’ Story


Before Vi, Matthew Adams was living paycheck to paycheck and struggling with his health and weight. He was ready for a breakthrough and it came when he found The Challenge.

Mind Over Matter

“I fought against my weight my whole life and tried various weight-loss programs. I was so used to failure,” says Matthew. “But Vi is different. It’s bigger than me. Vi not only offers nutritional products that work, but also a supportive community that cares about your success.”

Matthew was ready to make a change and make it stick.Matthew Adams Challenge Champion

“I had to shift my mindset, self regulate and work hard to balance a healthy diet with regular exercise,” says Matthew. “The Challenge was a flexible system I could easily follow. I didn’t have to restrict myself from the foods I loved and the shakes tasted great. It was the first time I’d experienced significant and lasting weight-loss.”

The weight-loss looked good on his body and his budget. Matthew and his family were saving on food at the grocery store and additionally cut costs by not spending on the gym and personal trainers.

“I was able to utilize the Vi Community to reach health and fitness professionals that were happy to see me succeed,” says Matthew.

Choosing Vi

The key to Matthew’s transformation was in choosing the right Kits from the beginning and mixing things up for a change.

“My favorite is the Transformation Kit because it contains everything you need for maximum results and meets my daily needs,” says Matthew. “But I’ve also tried the Fuel, Fit and Shape Kits. What I love about Vi products is the variety—I never get bored.”

As a result of eating right and exercising five days a week, Matthew dropped 98 lbs. over multiple Challenges. Apart from losing weight, he also built 20 lbs. of lean muscle. These weight-loss and fitness achievements led him to complete a 5K and two quarter marathons.

Matthew’s fitness routine combines weight training and resistance workouts influenced by Tabata and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). He powers his workouts with NEON Energy Drink®, ViSalus GO® and ViSalus PRO® and keeps Vi Bites and Nutra-Cookies on hand. He also chooses protein, vegetables and fiber rich complex carbs during meals.

It all Started with a ‘Why’

The ‘Why’ that led Matthew to cross the stage and claim the Challenge Champion title for Male Weight Loss? His tiny son Cooper and supportive wife Donna.

“I wanted a better life, but more than that I wanted to be a better father and husband,” says Matthew, adding, “My family was counting on me not only to lose the weight, but also maintain a healthy lifestyle.”Matthew Adams with Son Cooper

Cooper spent the first five weeks in the hospital connected to restraints and tubes, fighting for his life.

“I would stand over him [Cooper], unable to hold him thinking, ‘if he can fight for survival, I can do better to take care of myself and be there for him,’” says Matthew. “We brought him home and by four months, I had had enough. I wanted to be a good role model for my son and watch him grow up to be healthy and happy.”

Now the man who would sweat while giving his son a bath is a fit father who races his three-year-old boy around the house and models pushups.

Teamwork, Accountability & Support

Matthew pours just as much energy into his team as he does into his family.

“I provide the same support to my Customers and team members that I would want to receive,” says Matthew. “I share my mistakes so others don’t make the same and I provide tips and suggestions on how to balance a healthy diet with regular exercise through Challenge Groups.”

In addition to his enthusiastic Customers and team, the Vi Community has played a major role in Matthew’s success.

“I love the Vi Community and am very fortunate to have made lifelong friends including my accountability partner and Vi Model Harvey Gaudun-Stables,” says Matthew.

Vi has given Matthew the opportunity to make the impossible, possible. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for him in the coming months. Next stop for Matthew meanwhile—Vitality.

About The Author

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