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Here comes another Featured Challenge Timeline!

Since our community members have been so active, we decided to post yet another fantastic (and inspirational!) Challenge Timeline this week.

Our featured Challenge Timeline of the week comes from ViSalian Pablo Antonio. Pablo has dedicated himself to his 90-Day Challenge by working to lose weight as he prepares to eventually ‘put on a 6 pack’. His specific goal is to drop his weight from 239.5 pounds to 190- a whopping 49.5 pounds! With a goal like that, we know Pablo is taking this seriously.

Thanks to the Challenge Timeline we all have the opportunity to watch as Pablo completes his goal. On his Timeline, Pablo mentions how he must truly become a warrior to conquer his goals as he has sometimes struggled with committing to things and not completely following through. With a new sense of determination, Pablo plans to not only lose weight, but positively affect those around him in the process.

Please show some support for Pablo as he works towards his extremely impressive goals.

Keep updating your Challenge Timeline and you may be our next featured community member!

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