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This Week’s Featured Challenge Timeline comes from Kaelin Tuell who will be using the Fit Kit to complete her 90 Day Challenge. Kaelin’s goal is to compete in her very first Figure Competition which would fall into the Active Category.

Many of our Challenge Timeline users have been utilizing the site to post pictures of themselves and inspirational quotes. While Kaelin surely does that, she takes it a step further. On many occasions you can actually see what she ate that day, the calorie count, fat count and the amount of protein she consumed. Kaelin is using My Fitness Pal to document what she ate, make sure to give it a try!

As you can see, Kaelin is already well on her way to completing her transformation and the results so far are pretty incredible. We all wish Kaelin the best of luck and will continue to watch as she betters her life. Be sure to head over to her Timeline and show some support for Kaelin as she continues her journey to compete in a Figure Competition!

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