Faith Clarke Simms Joins 100-lb. Club; Training to Pull a Plane


One of our newest additions to the 100-lb. Club, Faith Clarke Simms has slimmed down 159 lbs, adding 43 lbs. of lean mass in the three years she’s committed to ViSalus. She is a Regional Challenge Champion and the title is well deserved.

Faith not only underwent a total body transformation, but completely changed her mindset about eating and exercise as well. Community became a major vehicle for Faith to lose the weight and keep it off.

“It’s been a journey I could have never achieved on my own,” says Faith. “The Vi Community is what has made the difference for me because I know I am not alone and my bad days are full of people in our Community cheering me on.”

Now Faith embarks on her next fitness goal. She is currently training to break the world record for Heaviest Vehicle Pull for 100 feet by a woman! Her goal is to pull a Lancaster Bomber plane, which can weigh up to 40,000 pounds. She has already won the title of Regional Active and Fitness Champion for Eastern Canada.

Pulling a plane is a cinch for this powerful woman. We know that Faith is equipped with everything she needs to achieve her dreams: intention, motivation and ViSalus.


The 100-lb. Club recognizes Vi Customers and Promoters who achieve this remarkable milestone. However, relatively few persons can or should lose this amount of weight and Vi only supports this goal when it is the product of careful consideration and a responsible weight-loss program that includes exercise and healthy eating in conjunction with the tools and products offered by Vi. Persons aspiring to lose 100 lbs. or more should always consult first with their healthcare professionals.

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