Ernest & Sherita Ross Celebrate Back-to-Back Vi MVP Win


A crowd of thousands of Vi Promoters gathered in suspense to hear ViSalus Founders Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola announce the 2014 winner of the coveted Vi Most Valuable Promoter (MVP) award. The annual MVP award goes to the Promoter who consistently raises the bar from sales, team growth and leadership standpoints.

Nick introduced Vi’s MVP with some impressive stats.

“This couple enrolled over 30,000 new Promoters, helped 118 families get into BMWs, and generated $12 million in sales over the course of the last year. This is the man who has led ViSalus not through words, but through actions and results.”

Within moments, Ernest Ross took the stage to claim the MVP trophy and addressed the crowd.

“I’m appreciative of ViSalus for giving me the opportunity to become MVP. It just goes to show that anything is possible if you take action. It all starts with the dream, but you need a dream so big, it scares people. You need a dream that’s going to keep you hungry.”[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”27629032″ entryid=”0_bs63nmye” width=”400″ height=”231″ align=”center” /]

For 5-Star Ambassadors Ernest and wife Sherita, it’s not enough to just dream. What follows is sacrifice and consistent action. The two believe nothing worth having comes without great sacrifice, and they’re willing to pay the price—every day, every hour—to secure the life they want as a couple, as a family, for the rest of their lives.

“What got me here was taking action—intentional action, consistent action, disciplined action,” said Ernest. “You’ve got to stay plugged in. Success is a reflection of discipline, discipline a reflection of behavior, behavior of mindset and mindset of the people you choose for your inner circle.”

With no prior network marketing experience, Ernest and Sherita have not only built a million-dollar empire, but have done it with the intention of forging great relationships and giving back. Truly, their actions speak much louder than words.

So fill your inner circle with positive people, dream big and take deliberate action toward chipping away at your goals one day at a time. Before you know it, that could be you on the Vi stage inspiring others with your story, your results, and your message of hope.

From all of us in the Vi Community, congratulations, Ernest and Sherita Ross!

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